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First Pink Fleshlight GO Texture


Pink Lady Pussy

First Release around July 2015.

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There are 12 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

FLair's Review

The GO Surge Lady is yet another great texture that would go well with any collection, as it is a smaller version of the Pink Lady orificed sleeve with an exclusive texture that features a 'checker plate' type design at the front and back of the canal with a centre chamber packed with pointy but gentle nubs. This texture design as well as the smaller more compact size allow for an experience that...

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rich28988's Review

It's smaller than the regular Fleshjack so it's good for travel. There's not much variation in texture so you can feel pretty much everything at any length past 4-5 inches. The texture is actually not every pronounced. Given it's also tighter than regular Fleshjack, I had to focus a bit to notice the texture. All in all I didn't really enjoy this so I returned it to Lovehoney (which provides free...

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ntest's Review

This was the first FL that I purchased, great introductory FL. I initially got it and thought I wanted more in some of the original sizes, but found that with my length there was much more tightness and variation with this texture than any other FL that I own. This would be my first recommendation to anyone uncertain on what their first purchase should be, as it will always be the classic to go ba...

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Ultraspank's Review

This is my first FL. Take that for what it is, but understand I have used "sleeve toys" in the past (actually, before there were FLs - but those dinosaurs back in the day weren't built to last)...I just don't have any other FL models/sleeves to compare this one to...yet (my recent order should be arriving at my door in 3 days time though - so you can bet I've already scheduled some PTO). Bought...

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binatang's Review

Perfect discrete size, much preferable to full-size fleshlights if you're not too big. The texture looks simple but is amazing after a few uses and your cock adjusts to the usage. The ribs all around are beautifully pleasing and the nubs in the middle are what really separate this sleeve from a simple repeating sleeve to an awesome sleeve. I love penetrating slowly into it slowly and has a good ti...

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014kuman's Review

Really quite close to the real thing. I highly recommend as a first go around because it's not overwhelmingly big! Orgasm can be a bit intense, so I have to stay deep at the end rather than doing full drags. A con can be considered that there are not any extra sleeves, and it cannot be used by the shower mount without an adaptor

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Acrozac's Review

This tends to be my go-to. You are greeted by soft lips. As you press into tight opening (lots of lube!!) you hit an shivery (almost like the first time you try vortex) bumpy canal. Sitting here for a while and moving it in circles feels awesome. Then slow into the nubs! Wow. Those little guys are amazing. Especially when you really start to go to town. So many flashlights get a bit "uniform" when...

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etixtesting's Review

Go Surge is one of my newest addition and the one that im actually most happy about. While 'horse' pussy is unappealing as much as you might expect, the smaller size and an interesting texture is something that convinced me to make a purchase. With its smaller size i can easly experience all of its features (not that it actually has many... but its a good sign for the future), what surptised me...

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Dapro1's Review

My experience with my Fleshlight GO Surge has been amazing so far. I received it the other day and I have used it 3 times since. The first time I used it I lasted 10 seconds without porn or anything believe it or not (I've had sex before and lasted much longer). It was intense! I immediately felt the tri-grouped lines then I guess the bumps mid way through made me splurge way to early, lol. The n...

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pornaccount9876's Review

I bought the Go Surge during a recent sale because it was very reasonably priced and had almost universally positive reviews. From what I'd read, the Go Surge was one of the tightest fleshlights available (big plus for me), and while the texture looked a little scary, it was surprisingly smooth, and it produced a sensation unlike any other texture available. Well the tightness comment was accurate...

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PapaPalpatine's Review

I cannot wait for more sleeve to come in this size. Granted you do lose a bit of length on penetration with this sleeve because the lips stick out a pretty good ways, but with the back half being the same as the first half you really don't miss anything. The texture itself was actually a little misleading, as I had assumed that the crosshatching pattern was more on the stiff side which had me nerv...

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dirkdedlift's Review

I've previously owned the Destroya & Twister textures and due to my size (about 5.3 erect) I've always felt too small to take full advantage of the regular sized sleeves and ended up getting rid of them because I felt they were more of a hassle than a pleasure, and would get bummed that I was missing out on the middle parts. I picked up the Go Surge model when it released as I was initially inte...

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