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The Super Tight sleeve features a smooth, untextured 1.5 cm diameter canal designed for men that desire a tighter canal but prefer less intensity than what's offered in our textured masturbation sleeves.

The Fleshlight Super Tight insert also has a smooth and untextured inner canal like the "Original" insert. The difference lies in the diameter of the canal, which is a bit tighter. The inner diameter is approximately 0.50 inches (15 mm), which is 0.25 inches (5 mm) less than the "Original" canal diameter.

Product Measurements:
Canal Diameter: 1.5 cm
Length: 25.5 cm
Diameter: 10 cm to 6.5 cm

Pink Lady Pussy, Pink Mouth, Pink Butt and Pink Cheeks

The clean up is uncomplicated because there are no textures inside the canal where sperm and lube residues can gather. The canal can simply be rinsed out with water. The drying time for the canal is the same as for the Original insert.

First Release around July 2001.

Average ratings and rank calculated from 18 user-ratings.

This texture has 4 variations:
Pink Butt Super Tight
Pink Cheeks Super Tight
Pink Lady Super Tight
Pink Mouth Super Tight

There are 10 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

rich28988's Review

This was one of my first sleeves. The tightness was stimulating at first but after a while it doesn't do anything for me anymore. If you like tight and high suction, and don't care about textures, then this is perfect for you. Apart from that, there's nothing that keeps this going for me. The other upside is that it's easy to clean and dry - you can insert a cloth into the sleeve and soak up water...

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girthreviews's Review

–Reviews For Girthy (or more-sensitive) Guys– TL;DR sleeve summary: 3/10, stretches enough that it isn’t atrocious for girthy guys, but the Original is straight-up better for a smooth sleeve. Sleeves work completely differently depending on girth, so these reviews are here to help average-length girthy guys find the textures that fit best. Those with sensitive members may also find this i...

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masterjedishane's Review

Short review this really isn't good at all. It's like getting it on with a tub of butter. LOL Not really, but it's pretty boring. Uses a lot of lube because there's nothing to keep it in there, so it just pushes the lube out of the way and then your gettinng it one with a dry garden hose. On the bright side Clean up and drying is a snap!

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TomatoBrot's Review

I have tried Vortex and Bi-Hive till I have this one. (I might be addicted to sextoys...). So when i first use the SuperTight I didn't expect much, because of no texture. First time with it was way better than i thougt. It is so smooth, the the tightness is great. it is not painfull tight but you feel a nice preasure everywhere on your dick. And then the Orgasm. it was so damn intense it almost hu...

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xSciFix's Review

This was the first sleeve I ever bought. I was pretty nervous about it but the package came discreetly and once I had it in my apartment I was all set! It was a little larger than I was expecting, but that's not a big deal. Only needed a little lube to use, and it felt really nice. Much better than with just my hand. Pretty intense sensation upon orgasm! The sleeve was nice and tight, although it...

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TheWorldsStudent's Review

This was my first 'butt' sleeve which i picked up years ago (sortly after the Ultra tight was discontinued)... The texture is kind of boring, but tight (obviously) which is really interesting. Still, as boring as i find the texture, it is comfortable. My one real complaint is that it seems like I'm constantly applying lubrication because there is no real texture variation to retain it. On the othe...

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Rayne's Review

Background: I bought this when the mini-maid orifice was being discontinued back in November of 2009 just so I would have all of the standard orifices in my collection. I bought the forbidden along with this. After this order I only needed 2 more textures to have a complete collection; boy how things have changed. I went with this texture as it was the only standard texture besides original that I...

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dekker's Review

One of my earlier, second round purchases because I wanted something really tight. I didn't really realize at the time a lot of (most?) of the textures are just as tight, at least at some points along the tunnel. Being that it's completely smooth, it's not very intense, and holy crap is it lube hungry! (That makes it REALLY easy to clean and dry though). It was nice for the tightness, but I don...

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Casquetero's Review

Let's be clear about this one: I have two of these sleeves. I first bought the ICE Stealth and got to love the texture. Since ILF discontinued the Ice Series (now its just the ICE Crystal), I decided to buy a pink ST in December to use the ICE with the girlfriend. The pink one has a mouth orifice (the regular, Jabba the Hut mouth), but it feels great anyway. Now, the Super Tight texture is basi...

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ThePowerHouse's Review

The ST is a great smooth insert and as you would probably guess I would place it between the UT and Original when it comes to enjoyment. I didn't really buy this FleshLight because of the texture, but because I wanted one with a mouth orifice. Sometimes if you are REALLY excited, the UT is just a bit too lube hungry, but the ST fills this gap if you want something tighter than the original. As muc...

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