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Eva Lovia
Fleshlight Girls

Eva Lovia's Butt


Eva Lovia's Butt

First Release around September 2015.

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There are 8 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

throbinvanpussy's Review

Eva’s Spice is described by one single word: tight! Even though anal textures of Fleshlights tend to be relatively tight, Spice is top-notch in that regard. As tight as Spice has no texture ever been. Only the central chamber provides a bit more space to rest, but before and after that the texture pressures tightly onto the penis.

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MerryChristmas's Review

I purchased this sleeve because I wanted to try out the long narrow beginning part of the texture, it seemed unique to this sleeve. The way this texture is designed, with the long narrow beginning followed by a larger open area with small nubs and then finally another narrow ribbed chamber which creates this suction effect that makes it want to suck itself towards you. It is a really nice feelin...

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Slapshot's Review

Being a big fan of Eva and looking for a butt sleeve I decided to give Spice a go. The first time was GREAT! Ultra stimulative throughout and I didn't last long. So a couple days later I'm exited to have another go and...hmm, not as good. I couldn't feel much of the nubs in the middle section and it was kind of a chore to finish. I've had a few more sessions since then and it has improved. The bes...

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Chrischie09's Review

First of all, i have to say i am not a native speaker, so please be lenient with me if some sentence are just nonsense or there are spelling mistakes. I try to give my best the share my experience with you. This sleeve got my interest fast, after i bought my first Fleshlight. Why? Because of the form of the canal and the orifice. I think this combination will bring you a nice anal fantasy for you...

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RustlerMaster's Review

I was expecting more from this texture Fleshlight updated it to become tighter. Overall there's not much to say, the variation was available but very weak due to EXTRA soft ribs and feautres. The Fleshlight was underwhelming and despite first glance was not very fun. After 7 uses around multiple days, I figured it a wast and trashed the fleshlight.

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BillyMays90's Review

The feeling of this Fleshlight is a little tough to put into words. It was not exactly what I expected when I first picked it out, thinking it would be a fairly intense and varied texture. However it turned out to be exactly the opposite as the intensity is fairly low but still very enjoyable. I am average size in length and girth and this sleeve is pretty wide so while there are some interesti...

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DubSpencer's Review

This is my first fleshlight, so please take this review with a grain of salt, even though I have researched this topic much and I have kind of an idea how the other models are supposed to feel. For your info, I am an uncut European and <7 inch long. I will start with the orifice, which I absolutely prefer over many other models because it is an actual circular hole, compared to the other coin slot...

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ran_dom's Review

The ribbed section at the front sparked my interest in this texture. The more I looked at the sleeve, the more I liked the wide open hole. It's a turn on for me anyway, like she's holding it open, or it's gaped from a plug, etc. Pushing through the ribs makes for a nice entry. Since they are fairly small and towards the front, they stimulate your head on the way through and provide some pressure o...

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