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Nikki Benz
Fleshlight Girls

Famous for her backdoor; upon entry, you will be gripped by a wall of thatched SuperSkin that emulates pure anal bliss. With every thrust your shaft will feel the sensations of tight pockets, succulent ribbing, and loaded pleasure nodules that are bound to make you climax in no time. Nikki Benz's Reign will quickly make you come to understand why she is the queen.


Nikki Benz Butt

First Release around April 2016.

Average ratings and rank calculated from 17 user-ratings.

There are 9 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

fatblunt's Review

This sleeve is really tight and intense. I like it because you can go fast and it's intense but for some reason I can still control myself and it's pretty quiet. The sleeve feels pretty much how're texture looks like in photos. Every time I orgasm with this sleeve I feel like I don't drain my balls all the way because of how tight it is. Sometimes it's nice if you're feeling it but otherwise I enj...

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MerryChristmas's Review

I bought this sleeve because I had heard a lot of good things about it. I had read a lot of reviews and Nikki Benz’s butt sleeve was at or near the top of many people’s lists for intensity/stimulation. I already had Annika’s Siren, which I am a big fan, and many people mentioned the similarities between the two. So I decided to try it out and I was blown away immediately. It did feel a l...

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fushkin's Review

The story of this sleeve is the thatched texture at the opening. The rest of the sleeve is great too, but what makes it are those opening inches. It feels nothing short of amazing on your dick, and is something every man should try before they die. The texture is really tight and serves to clamp the thatched entrance around your cock for maximum stimulation. The finish itself is amazing, makes...

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ohhey's Review

The orifice has a bit of a gape to it, which isn't really an issue because normally the butt sleeves are a bit tight on me (little above average girth). On to the texture, the thatching/width changes at the entrance are one of the best feelings I've had. The way it pulled on my shaft and the feeling of pushing/pulling my head through was extremely stimulating and intense. From there moving into th...

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Frankie's Review

There is no double that this is an amazing sleeve and though for me it will never hold the same status as the siren, I can tell why many actually prefer this one over it. The sleeve does have a bit of a gape which bothered me, however I found myself caring less about this as almost everything else about this sleeve is near perfect to the point where the gape isn't a concern. The thatched pattern i...

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randolando's Review

This is honestly my favorite texture of the 8 I've tried. The best part is the initial penetration, and it keeps you sucked in quite well. It drys pretty well and is easy to clean. Only issue I would have is that can be a little noisy if you're really going to town on it.

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revtwentyseven's Review

I got the Nikki Benz Reign about a week after it came out as part of a package deal from Fleshlight. I've had several FLights with the Reign, but because of life circumstances I've only just now been able to write a proper review. Aesthetics: As a fellow FA member commented, aesthetics should be considered with the overall review. I agree. As mentioned in a few other reviews, butt orifices aren't...

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TheWamBam's Review

This is one of the newer anal textures released in the FLG line, and honestly I think its a winner. I'm a sucker for anal sleeves. It has an opening in the beginning that is much more of a canal, then progressively gets tighter further down the sleeve. There is more variation in texture than the forbidden sleeve.

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churro1212's Review

This sleeve is very different from all the other butt flg sleeves that are out there because of the hole being a more circular and feels wider like a small gape and also because of the texture inside. If you want a sleeve that has lots of different textures and tingles the head of your penis this is an excellent sleeve to get. One of my favorite sleeves.

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