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Special Texture
Fleshlight Girls

Pleasure connoisseurs know that two things create the perfect Fleshlight experience: getting into the action fast, and the splendid subtleties of a well-designed, highly-stimulating inner texture. With the all-new PURE, you'll find we've delivered a truly discreet and unique Fleshlight experience. From the brand new, exhilarating inner texture; to the specially-designed and stealthy orifice that gets you to the pleasure sooner, there's never been a more PURE Fleshlight experience.

The inner canal begins with a 4.0 inch (10 cm) elongated chamber, which becomes increasingly tighter towards the rear and finally disembogues into a tight canal. The canal diameter starts at approximately 0.7-0.6 inches (18-16 mm), narrowing to 0.4 inches (10 mm) in the rear part. The canal surface is covered by 3 different rib textures. At the entrance is a relatively widely spaced zig-zag rib texture, which then passes through to a highly dense cross-rib texture. These cross-ribs will look familiar to Fleshlight experts because they are from the Super Ribbed texture. In the rear part of the Pure canal, the cross-ribs become increasingly wider, forming a wave texture that looks similar to the Love Humps insert.

The opening of the Pure Fleshlight has been intentionally designed to have a neutral appearance, resembling a doughnut glazed with pink sugar. The canal entrance, which is shaped somewhat like a funnel, tightens to a diameter of 0.55 inches (14 mm). In comparison to the other Fleshlight orifices, the opening is quite loose but therefore easy to penetrate, especially for men with a thicker penis.

Pink Pure

For Fleshlight users who prefer it more discreet, the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF has developed the Fleshlight "Pure". The quite inconspicuous opening is designed to protect yourself against curious family members, wives, roommates, cleaning personal or other people who may accidentally find your Fleshlight. This is because the "nondescript hole" of the Fleshlight Pure does not look like a synthetic vagina at first glance. In addition, this Fleshlight makes a discreet travelling companion that can prevent awkward moments during security controls or border checks.

The clean-up of the Fleshlight Pure is comparatively easy. Some sperm and lube residue in fact gets trapped between the ribs but it is easy to remove because it is simple to rinse out the initially rather wide canal. The drying time takes 3 - 4 hours and ranks roughly in the mid-range.

First Release around March 2011.

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This texture has been discontinued.

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onlypostssexyheels's Review

This is my current favorite sleeve, so it pains me to write that it's discontinued. It has many of the things I enjoyed in the Wonder Wave, Destroya, and Twista all combined into one. The opening leaves a bit to be desired, but I guess that was the point? There seems to be three sections that I (or a normal sized user) can feel. The first is very loose, and you can really work the tip from nea...

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Casquetero's Review

ILF discontinued the Stealth orifice from their product lineup and decided to replace it with an exclusive texture - the Pure. Looking at the Pure orifice, the word "donut" comes to mind. The orifice is a nondescript round hole - not an ass or pussy hole, just a hole of the same diameter of the canal. Once you enter the sleeve, you are greeted with three zig zag ribs which are not too pronounced,...

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ThePowerHouse's Review

It seems like it has been ages since my last review! Anyway, Pure, or Purist as it is engraved, is every bit as exciting as the orifice is boring. Pure is extremely stimulating with those large ribs at the beginning following the next set of ribs which look like the Super Ribbed but spaced slightly further apart. Its ability to bring you to an inch of orgasm very quickly and the work necessary to...

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