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Let's get one thing straight. This is both horrifying and amazing at the same time! Schwarzenegger isn't here to save you, so you better finish the job yourself. Take control of the beast before it draws you in with its tantalizing glare and the hunter becomes the hunted.


Predator Lady Orifice

Texture is also called Predator Sensation.

First Release around October 2016.

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someone's Review

The first thing I noticed was the orifice. It is very well sculpted. The amount of detail is just as good the fleshlight girls. The way the orifice opens up and hugs your member is just simulating. The texture is milder then I expected. The bumps and pits of the first chamber give nice tingling effect. Then there is a bit a space and then more tingles for the next couple of inches. After that the...

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