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Flight is a discreet and fantastically textured masturbator with an aerodynamic exterior and incredibly bumpy canal to take you to new heights of pleasure. The standard Fleshlight model has been completely redesigned to make it softer, more satisfying and more discreet than ever before. Flight's internal sleeve is transparent with a non-anatomical stealth opening inviting you to plunge into the depths of a textured canal. Lined with dozens of stimulating bumps, the realistic-feel sleeve offers intense pleasure with the added bonus of suction that can be controlled via the screw cap base. Instantly enhance the pleasure of this male sex toy by using lashings of water-based sex lube before and during play.

The entry canal of the Pilot "Mini-Destroya" texture has been shortened by 0.8 inches (2 cm) and as a result, the multi-chamber system has been moved further to the front. In addition, the slightly ribbed rear chamber here has a straight cylindrical shape rather than a funnel shape. Other than this, the size, type and arrangement of the bumps as well as the dimensions of the other chambers are the same as inside the original Destroya canal.

The opening of the Fleshlight Flight product series has a swirl shape, reminiscent of an aircraft turbine. The color of the case of the Flight Pilot is opaque black.


First Release around March 2013.

Average ratings and rank calculated from 59 user-ratings.

There are 23 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

fatblunt's Review

I bought this one at an actual sex shop (spent way too much money on) because I didn't want to order a destroys and wait for it to come in the mail. I've had a destroys in the past and destroyed it by using baby oil as lube for a period of time. This sleeve doesn't feel at all like destroys. The first chamber feels nice to pop into and then it sorta feels like a lotus node after that. Everything e...

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HydrologistWooster's Review

As the owner of a Destroya sleeve, I was excited to try out this smaller, and easier to clean version. However several issues left me disappointed overall with the Flight series. The first and most annoying issue was the increase in volume. Even as someone who doesn't have to worry about roomates or family, the Pilot is so loud it actively annoyed me. With the cap screwed tight, the Pilot is al...

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rich28988's Review

This is smaller than a regular Fleshjack, but slightly bigger than SIAC, so it's pretty good for travels. The design is sleek, but the suction cap is not flat so you can't rest it on its rear end. The orifice is not very appealing sexually, however. The sleeve is tighter than the regular Stoya, and because of the shorter length you can experience most of the textures if you're around 6 inches long...

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fleshhippie's Review

I do not have a problem with the look of the orifice, but it is pretty loose and you just jump right in. I consider that a missed opportunity here, because the initial penetration feeling is an important aspect of FLs in my opinion. This sleeve is not very tight, but the one node/tight point is very noticable and appreciated. Outside of that point this sleeve is not too noticeable. It is good for...

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fushkin's Review

It's a pretty decent texture. Really good for people looking for something discreet/want to bring it with them when travelling. The most noteworthy part of the sleeve is its suction, it really feels like it's sucking on your cock for all its worth. Material is stickier than the FLG material, but it's not really a problem for me.

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Someguy's Review

It is my first fleshlight, and i must say that i am pleasured with it (pun intendes). Its discreet, easy to use, and washable. My problem is the end cap makes too much noise for me, and is hard to tell the difference with its use; or perhaps im using it wrong.

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JSmith765's Review

This is the mini destroya texture. I purchased this because I travel a lot. The size makes it awesome. If you are longer than 6", you should get the full size destroya. I am 5 1/2". What can I say, this is the most intense sleeve I own. There is no edging for me and I don't last very long with this sleeve. Easy clean up due to size.

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Smith0710's Review

This is the perfect travel item. I was surprised that it could feel tight as well as have a short drying time - dries overnight without needing a fan. It's small size is also great for travel. And the unique case makes it less identifiable by hotel cleaning staff if you forget to pack it away.

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laegyy's Review

Hi, this is a review of the Flight Pilot Fleshlight. First a bit about myself: I am a 21 year old university student, currently single, of average build. I only recently got into Fleshlights after having spent quite a long time researching them with the help of Fleshassist. So, on to this review. This was my first Fleshlight and I purchased it after doing much research. I have to say I was initia...

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captaininsaneo's Review

This was my most recent buy and it was good at first. The sleeve is a miniature version of the destroya which is a crowd favorite among the community. I heard the flight series was good for guys not as well endowed so I went for it. The texture was intense and pleasurable at first but with subsequent uses it became too intense and just started rubbing me the wrong way.

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fuckmyass999's Review

First fleshlight sleeve and fucked almost everyday since getting it and no regrets. Not my first onahole but texture is far superior to others and suction is amazing. Textures are distinct and sucking. Looks discreet and portable design but gets a bit sticky after use and requires corn starching, or else sleeve is almost impossible to fit back into case.

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CalmTiger's Review

My build: 5" length 4.5" girth. Good things about this sleeve: It is incredibly intense. I can usually last 10-15 mins with a girl but this has the ability to make me last 2 mins depending on the day. The casing is very discreet and seems to fit everywhere. Every single second, you feel a new amazing sensation. Cleaning time for it will always be less than 5 minutes, likely less. Dry time is alrig...

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TMoD7007's Review

A little about my background at the start: I'm an average build circumcised guy and I'm really into strong sensations. Because of a very extensive style of circumcision it can be hard to reach orgasm multible times. I'm sexually quite active with a pretty adventurous woman at my side, that luckily finds Fleshlights and me using them pretty hot. ;) At the Flight Pilot ("mini Destroya") sleeve: Dur...

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FLair's Review

The Flight Pilot texture is a super intense high stimulation sleeve that is also very tight due to it's compact size and features a snap-lock end cap lid that creates a super strong vacuum sensation which in turn amplifies the tightness of the sleeve. The texture is great because it provides variety not only in sensations by interior bumps and spikes but also in canal diameter.

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fathead3110's Review

This is a weird texture for me. I know a lot of people love it, but I'm on the fence. I've used it a bunch because of size and convenience compared to other textures, but I find it hit or miss. Sometimes it feels pretty good and I can feel everything, and other times, it just seems to suck up so much lube that I have to use too much and can't really feel much. It's also very very sticky. I cl...

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james126's Review

Not a huge fan of the Flight. While I've owned two over the years, both got very sticky very fast, despite use of the reconditioning powder. Admittedly, until recently, I haven't taken the "drying" part of cleaning fleshlights very seriously, and this could have contributed to the current stickiness. Aside from the stickiness, I'm not keen on the flight because the orifice bears no resemblance to...

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pornaccount9876's Review

The Flight Pilot has a lot of good things going for it. For one thing, It is the most aesthetically pleasing fleshlight design by a wide margin, at least by my estimation. It's been said that it almost doesn't require hiding, because anyone unfamiliar with fleshlight would mistake it for some sort of modern desktop sculpture. While that may sound silly, it really isn't that much of a stretch. On t...

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mrbean's Review

THE ORIFICE: All the Flights come with a turbine or propeller shaped orifice. It's not very pronounced, so you have to really look for it. It looks kind of like the pure orifice. Very smooth. Designed for discreetness and not for visual impact, like a pussy or butt for instance. THE ENTRY: Nice! Some real thought was put into the design. Easy to enter. Not too tight. Some small bumps right at the...

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Misterthickness32's Review

I purchased the flight when right around when it was first released a few years ago. The texture looked very stimulating and pleasurable to me. When I used it for the first time I noticed right away that the sleeve felt very tight, and with further use it was too tight, along with my penis pushing against the suction cap at the end. The physical case for the flight texture was too tight for my mem...

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etixtesting's Review

This texture has generally what "Destroya" has, just bit less and worse of everything... why do i like it more then? Despite of being so-called copy of its bigger sister, it feels much different - even more intense... so it generally should be a bad for me as i dont use Destroya often cause ts to intense but its not and the reason is - it has much different purpose. Pilot is a Sleeve that you take...

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ToeKnee's Review

This was my first purchase and one of my most favorite products overall. The sleeve texture is intense with the sphere full of nubs being very stimulating especially since the tight ring comes afterwards that creates a good penetration sensation when going through and a nice "wall" when just teasing the head only inside of the sphere. The size is great for shorter guys as myself to experience the...

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Astromancer's Review

I enjoy this sleeve very much. It feels very pleasant. It is not as tight as my Bliss but it is still enjoyable. I like the design of it, a step in the right direction. I like the futuristic design of it. It fits my six inches very well. I enjoy spinning the entrance around my dick head. I can't feel the orb or the bumps at the end. I can feel the ring which feels really good around my dick head.

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Casquetero's Review

The Flight is the answer to all of us asking for a more stylish Fleshlight, easier to transport, and with a better looking case. Also, it is the answer to those of us asking for a full diameter Fleshlight with the size of the SIAC line. It is the answer to those requests because the new Flight is shorter than the regular Fleshlights / FL Girls, but the tunnel diameter is as wide as the regular-siz...

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