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Alexis Texas
Fleshlight Girls

Get sucked in by Alexis' signature texture, the Outlaw. Featuring deep indentations throughout the twister-like canal, you’ll leave your trail of destruction in her in no time.

Alexis Texas has become one of the most popular Fleshlights, and the company recently added more texture sleeves to her catalog. In addition to the Lotus and Mini-Lotus textures for the vagina sleeves, customers can also choose from the Texas Tornado and Alexis Texas Outlaw textures for her anal and vaginal versions, respectively.


Alexis Texas Pussy

First Release around September 2014.

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There are 5 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

ohhey's Review

I'm a big fan of Alexis Texas, and her textures look great. I have the tornado as well. If you like "meaty" orifice's you will like how it looks (her's in video doesn't look nearly so large imo but w/e) the sleeve is fairly tight the flaps in the first two inches and the 4.75"- 5.75" mark is where it really shines pushing through and pulling back, the nubs in between and after can be a little roug...

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CountBanana's Review

Notes: I always keep the suction cup open. Orifice: Alexis Texas' vagina is quite prominent. This is a good foundation for designing a great orifice and ILF succeeds in doing so with Alexis. The lips of the sleeve are gaping wide and look they really inviting. Sleeve: Penetration goes easy with this one. Your dick is being guided by those delicious pussy lips right into pleasure. The first flaps...

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someone's Review

The orifice on this insert is very detailed delightful to touch. I will say that having those big pussy lips wrapped around your penis is beautiful sight indeed. Now to the texture itself . It starts off nice and easy with a ring of bumps and series of flaps that tingle as push though them. This opens up into a wide space just before ridges with bumps running a long the top. These ridges will fla...

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mrbean's Review

THE ORIFICE. I think ILF did a pretty good job of matching her pussy lips, they're even covered with creases and folds just like Alexis! I was surprised to see that. Now this may seem like a minor complaint, but to me this is important. The clit is too small! When touching it, you hardly feel it. From pictures I've seen of her, her clit is pretty impressive (along with her big lips). One unexpecte...

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phil1026's Review

After hearing of Fleshlights for years, I finally got three ( in the 3for2 deal) and the Outlaw is the pick of the bunch. On the looser side (which I wanted), beautiful voluptuous orifice. I am 7.5" uncut and the Outlaw is very comfortable....also very realistic comparing it to real sex, perhaps in a MILF sense. It is pleasant and enjoyable in a subtle way during, but your O explodes on

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$ 59.96

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