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Jenna Haze's all new Obsession texture allows for an exquisite entrance that feels open as you penetrate it yet as you go deeper the closely packed bristles tighten and enhance your pleasure with each thrust. You are fully surrounded pleasuring your every inch quickly making you Obsessed with Jenna Haze.

Brent is a true California boy, so we created a texture inspired by California's palm trees.

The Fleshjack Bliss (or the more recent Fleshlight Obsession) canal has a comparatively heavy texture and consists of two chambers covered by a cross-rib texture and a bump texture. The funnel-shaped entrance passage, with a diameter of 0.15 - 0.3 inches (4-8 mm), is relatively tight and passes over to the first 1.4 inch (35 mm) chamber with a diameter of 0.7 inches (18 mm). This texture formed by the five cross ribs inside this chamber is extremely distinctive.

This is followed by the second drop-shaped chamber, which extends through to the end of the canal with a diameter of 0.7 -0.5 inches (18-12 mm). The chamber canal walls are completely covered with long-stemmed bumps which are tapered to a point and placed closely together, creating an impressive dense "meadow of bump". The bumps are arranged in a staggered manner and protrude at a 45 degree angle in the direction of the canal entrance into the canal. Fleshlight connoisseurs will be familiar with these bumps because they have been successfully used inside the Destroya Insert (Fleshlight Girls Stoya).

Jenna Haze Pussy and Brent Corrigan Butt

Jenna Haze's Obsession released around 6th August 2014 where as Bliss around December 2010.

First Release around December 2010.

Average ratings and rank calculated from 82 user-ratings.

This texture has 3 variations:
Brent Corrigan's Bliss
ICE Obsession (Discontinued)
Jenna Haze's Obsession

There are 25 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

rich28988's Review

First of all, Brent Corrigan's orifice is quite possibly the tightest you can find so the penetration is really fucking hot. The only downside with this is that you need to be careful not to stretch it out too much because it will cause microtearing. That's how tight it is. The ribbed texture is a welcome stimulation once you popped past the anus, which in itself is a marvel. After that, the fores...

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fushkin's Review

This sleeve has many drawbacks. It takes forever to clean, forever to dry, and is generally unsuited to long sessions (if you have the stamina to last) because it makes me go numb. However, I keep coming back to the sleeve because I've never felt anything more intense. Less than one minute of thrusting is all I need to finish with it. The spines make the sleeve really tight and the way they ru...

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fleshhippie's Review

thoroughly disappointed with this sleeve. Have used it 3-4 times over the last few months, keep thinking it will be different, but I just think its an unimpressive sleeve. I am surprised it is so highly rated. The first chamber is very smooth and doesn't feel like much, while the second texture just feels kind of, I don't know, "mushy." I do not think this is a very stimulating texture, while some...

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ummyea's Review

Amazing feel. This is of all the sleeves I own id say the most intense. The prongs in the sleeve aren't that stiff meaning you can feel them move over your head with each stroke creating an awesome feeling. Like every texture that has this much going on it does use a lot of lube and require more to be added the longer you use it.

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bobbert0k's Review

Jenna Haze's Obsession is the second fleshlight I have tried so my review might not mean much, but from my experience it is really amazing and super intense. The first few times I tried it I couldn't last very long at all. The ripples in the beginning already feel really nice for me, and it only gets more intense as you go deeper inside. The downside was that I felt I needed to use a lot of lube t...

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ohhey's Review

I honestly thought it would be better since I really like the destroya. It's okay the bumps on the actual texture look nothing like the picture, the real ones are more blunt and less pointy which is probably why it wasn't as good as it coulda been. The feeling of pushing the bumps though is good.

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randolando's Review

Overall, this is a really good texture. The best feature that this has to offer is the bristles that get tighter and narrower as you go deeper, so penetrating all the way to the end of the sleeve is a really intense experience. That being said, the first portion of the sleeve before it gets narrower isn't anything special, but by no means is it boring.

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edjs84's Review

Orifice -- Brent Corrigan probably has one of the tightest asses in porn. The penetration itself is quite a turn-on, to see such a small hole stretched and the ass cushion pushed out of the way. But also probably because of the tightness the orifice has developed microtears after only a couple of uses. Perhaps I got too rough with the tight hole? ||| Inner Texture -- the ribbed texture in the...

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Excelsior37's Review

After reading many reviews about how people loved the Obsession, I decided to purchase it recently during the holiday sale. After Flying with it five times now, I can say that Obsession isn't for me. I find the fangs too intense inside the sleeve and the cleanup and drying to be a pain and the longest cleanup time I have encountered with a Fleshlight. First time using it, I came in the sleeve and...

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RustlerMaster's Review

As many glowing reviews as this Fleshlight receives, I still have reservations about the sleeve. Sure, it's intense with its deep ribbed inner canals but after several uses, I cannot say that it lives up to the reviews. It can be intense and is very stimulating and it's better than most others. I honestly think it's a "you gotta use it" to know what this texture really feels like. What you see is...

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TheWamBam's Review

I am in a love hate relationship with this sleeve. This one from what I can tell is prone to manufacturer defects so buyer beware, yet the intensity and sensations rival that of the destroya! Its a good texture, the prongs or whatever they're called feel amazing, yet I had to return mine because it the prongs towards the end were ill molded. It just seem like molds with a lot going on in such a ti...

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CountBanana's Review

Notes: I always keep the suction cup open. Orifice: I used to enjoy scenes of Jenna Haze. So I kind of looked forward to penetrating her pussy lips. But the orifice is pretty underwhelming. I know Jenna doesn't have huge labias, still the orifice is missing some details. Sleeve: Due to the small pussy lips you really have to aim for the entrance. Once you are in, the ripped part of the sleeve st...

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aaron's Review

The bliss texture was named so for a great reason, you will feel it when you are inside. It is tight and very stimulating, the many blades will massage and tug your penis inside adding pressure and a stimulating experience that will take you to orgasm quickly. The entrance is soft and pleasant to penetrate, then reaching the inner blades will make you churn in pleasure.. It is intensity and tightn...

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TMoD7007's Review

A little about my background at the start: I'm an average build circumcised guy and I'm really into strong sensations. Because of a very extensive style of circumcision it can be hard to reach orgasm multible times in a row. I'm sexually quite active with a pretty adventurous woman at my side, that luckily finds Fleshlights and me using them pretty hot. ;) At Jennas Obsession Sleeve: Unfortunatel...

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james126's Review

Don't let my 4.27/5 rating deceive you - the Obsession is something very special. The rating was largely dragged down because of the cleaning/lube usage/dry time scores, but the Obsession may well be my new favorite fleshlight. I've had about four flights in it so far, and this review is a long time coming because of problems I had obtaining a "properly formed" Obsession. It appears that this te...

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etixtesting's Review

I was kinda hyped for new-old Jenna's texture as it came out and it was an instant buy for me (ok... not instant, during the first promotion after release:p), it was avaiable in the FJB line but after buying 2 FJB textures i decided i wont do it anymore - not that i was dissapointed in textures, its just a placebo effect that the mold is of a guy and not girl and generally pussy molds are much mor...

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fathead3110's Review

This is hands down my favorite fleshlight. It's really intense (not more-so than Destroya, but that's a good thing), and it offers a really nice feel. It might look like a bunch of the same, but it doesn't feel that way. The ribs at the front do a great job at gripping your shaft, and the little fangs provide a nice stroke, that gets tighter as you go deeper. I have, hands down, had my best (s...

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diddilygogo's Review

Oh boy. Jenna Haze's Obsession is probably the most intensely pleasing sleeve money can buy. Warning, you'll use a decent amount of lube and because of the spike things, drying time is significantly longer than the other sleeves, but its well worth it I think. This is not an every day thing, I'd say, especially because of the excruciatingly long cleanup/dry time, I don't use it often, but when I d...

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Rayne's Review

Background: I was lucky enough to have won a free fleshlight of my own choosing from FleshAssist's giveaway in December of 2014. I was bouncing back and forth between this texture and indulge. Ultimately with the help of forum members and fleshassist I decided on obsession given the rave reviews and since I liked fangs. Impressions: Upon sliding into this sleeve the ribbed entrance is very appare...

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TheWorldsStudent's Review

The Jenna Haze Obsession is a texture that originally I had no real interest in. However, after seeing its rating on FleshAssist and people's opinions about it on the FL Forums I decided to take another look. I realized that the texture had the same kind of barbs or teeth that are in the Stoya texture (which I really enjoy) and that the further into the sleeve you go the more narrow the texture ge...

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ToeKnee's Review

The orifice is very appealing. The start is subtle with the ridges and then begins the nubs. I personally did not find the sleeve too stimulating possibly because I feel that Fleshlight might of had manufacturing problems where the mold did not fully fill the nubs portion because they look no where near as long as they do in the website pictures for my sleeve at least. Its still a decent sleeve, b...

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Astromancer's Review

The Bliss made me a firm believer in the Fleshlight/Jack company.This sleeve is extremely pleasurable and gives me very great orgasms. I am out of breath, sweaty and thirsty, sometimes I need a few minutes to come down. Those are my favorite times, I feel glad that I purchased this and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good time. I love the entrance ribs they feel really good and the ti...

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T's Review

The Stimulation that Bliss offers is the most textured, intense, mind blowing, ball draining experience that I have encountered in my YEARS of collecting and trying fleshlights! Bliss on penetration is one of the tightest flashlight sensations for anal penetration that is quickly replaced by the cross ribbed sensation that offers a bit of a griping and slight resistant feel. This section can...

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ThePowerHouse's Review

Say hello to the hands-down winner for second best anal insert as of this reviews writing! I cannot believe how good this texture is. The entrance is also noticeable tighter than any of my other molded butts. Just as you enter you hit some large ribs that, which when followed by that tight squeeze on the way in, feel fantastic. While that is all excellent, you are still in for the biggest treat ev...

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Casquetero's Review

OK, this is one of those hard things to admit, so let do it quickly: I fucked a guy and I liked it. Well, not really. What I did fuck (and liked) was a Fleshjack - the name given by ILF to their line of toys marketed for the gay community. Like their straight counterpart, Fleshjacks have a line of toys molded after porn stars - in this case, gay porn stars - called Fleshjack Boys or FJBs. Altho...

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