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Adriana Chechik
Fleshlight Girls

Adriana Chechik always takes her scenes to the 'Next Level' and her butt Fleshlight is no different. Known around the world for her ability to take it in the butt with great finesse we created a sensation that completely envelops your shaft with an entire vortex of hyper-realistic anal sex pleasure. Can your fantasy keep up with the reality of BratNasty's anal Fleshlight?


Adriana Chechik Butt

First Release around June 2017.

Average ratings and rank calculated from 9 user-ratings.

There are 3 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

ClitYeastwood's Review

My favorite thing about this sleeve is the orifice. When you first enter it you feel a nice little "pop" as your head goes inside. Additionally, when pulling out you can feel the tight orifice resist against the head of your penis as you pop out again. This is even more accentuated when you are really hard. The texture inside is not too stimulating, but I wish there was a bit more variation maybe....

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HopeWeLag's Review

Adriana Chechik’s Next Level sleeve consists of three chambers. While the first and second are relatively short and almost equal in size, the third is, by a margin, the largest one. Additionally, there are two narrow transitions on each side of the last chamber. The first one houses large ribs and the second one contains a smooth surface. Adriana Chechik got the perfect anal signature Fleshlight...

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fleshhippie's Review

This is a great sleeve. It has a nice amount of variety to it, unlike a lot of other anal sleeves. It is very tight but you can still feel where you're going. I honestly think it could end up being the go to recommended anal sleeve. It is a really stimulating throughout. The orifice is very tight and difficult to enter, the cheeks are not too tall, which is nice.

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$ 79.95

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