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Jack's Gape Soda
Sex In A Can

Jack's Gape Soda is the perfect pick-me-up for hung tops. You know how to work a bottom's hole to make entry as pleasurable as possible ... But we've done the work for you and this bottom is ready to play! Featuring a relaxed opening and the Stamina texture from Endurance Jack.

The inner canal has a diameter of 0.5 - 0.6 inches (12-15 mm) and is covered by numerous 0.2 inch (6 mm) wide bumps throughout the entire length. With respect to the bump texture of the Stamina Training Unit, the canal has been named "Mini-Stamina" because the size and the arrangement of the bumps are similar, only the canal length is shorter. (The illustration of the texture on the manufacturer's website is unfortunately inaccurate because the bump texture displayed there looks like the texture of the Speed Bump insert.) In the image below, the Stamina and Mini-stamina canals are displayed together in their actual proportions to each other for purposes of comparison.

Product Measurements:
Case Dimensions: 7.75" x 2.80"
Sleeve Dimensions: 6.80" x 2.60"
Texture: Overall Length: 5.5"
Texture Diameter: 0.25" to 0.90"

Jack's Gape Soda Butt

First Release around April 2010.

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ThePowerHouse's Review

I was glad to see that this really was a new texture and not a rebadged Mini-Speed Bump. Where the MSB has small cylindrical bumps, this has conical bumps with relatively pointy tips and like the full-size STU they are spaced much closer together than the MSB. I still prefer the full-size STU to this, but I am certainly not saying this one is bad, but it is different. It is easier to last longer i...

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$ 42.95

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