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Jenna Haze
Fleshlight Girls

The Maze is Jenna Haze's signature texture. The winding maze will confuse your senses as you feel these alternating steps gently massage you from the top and bottom. As you press into the first wall and break through into the next, you'll see this texture feels unlike anything we've ever produced.

The Fleshlight Maze Insert contains a distinctively-looking canal with an angular course, which is formed by cubic barriers. The canal has a diameter of 0.45 x 0.7 inches (12 x 18 mm) and smooth textureless side walls. The Maze Insert is the exclusive canal of the erotic actress Jenna Haze and is only available with her pussy orifice.

Jenna Haze Pussy

First Release around May 2010.

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This texture has been discontinued.

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fathead3110's Review

This is a weird texture. A weird, but good texture. Unfortunately you can't get it anymore, but I really like it because it's different. It feels the same throughout, but the sensation is a lot like a fleshy pillow fight on your penis. I don't know how else to describe it. The blocks drag back and forth across your shaft and head. It doesn't appear it, but they feel really soft, so it's very...

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Casquetero's Review

The Maze is a really strange texture. Instead of the usual ridges and ribs, it has a series of alternate square nods spaced evenly every inch. The first impression was "How this thing feels?" Squares on my dick? Lets go to the review and rate this unique texture. Unlike other textures, the Maze provides immediate feedback on penetration - and never allows you to forget it. The feeling is a cons...

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ThePowerHouse's Review

This insert is truly unique. At first I thought it might be uncomfortable because of the size of the cubes; the bullets in the Vibro came to mind. Anyway, they are not uncomfortable but quite stimulating. This is the first insert that can be used two ways: orienting the orifice normally will cause the cubes to stimulate the sides of your cock, another way is to rotate it 90 degrees which causes th...

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