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Fleshlight Girls

The absolute most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation possible. Beginning with our smooth ultra tight entry, then blossoming into a slightly wider, more comfortable canal, the Lotus is exactly like its human counterpart.

The Lotus canal starts with a smooth-walled, tight 0.45 inch (12 mm) wide entrance that continues into a 0.8 x 0.8 inch (20 x 20 mm) chamber. This is followed by the Lotus node, a convex-concave chamber designed in the shape of a lotus flower calyx, from which the Lotus insert gets its name. Following the Lotus node is another 0.8 x 0.8 inch (20 x 20 mm) teardrop-shaped chamber, which also has smooth walls. The canal ends with four 0.4 x 0.8 inch (10 x 20 mm) chambers, each with tight entries and exits.

Fleshlight Girls Pussy

First Release around September 2008.

Average ratings and rank calculated from 97 user-ratings.

This texture has 40 variations:
Alexis Texas's Lotus
Angela White's Lotus
Anna Lovato's Lotus
Ariel's Lotus
Asa Akira's Lotus
Bibi Jones's Lotus
Brooke Skye's Lotus (Discontinued)
Carla Cox's Lotus
Christy Mack's Lotus
Eufrat Mai's Lotus
Eva Angelina's Lotus (Discontinued)
Jenna Haze's Lotus (Discontinued)
Jenna Jameson's Lotus
Jesse Jane's Lotus
Jessica Drake's Lotus
Kat Young's Lotus (Discontinued)
Katsuni's Lotus
Kayden Kross's Lotus
Lia19's Lotus (Discontinued)
Lisa Ann's Lotus
Marry Queen's Lotus
Misty Stone's Lotus
Nikki Benz's Lotus
Nina Hartley's Lotus
Paris's Lotus (Discontinued)
Puma Swede's Lotus (Discontinued)
Raven Riley's Lotus (Discontinued)
Riley Steele's Lotus
Sandee Westgate's Lotus (Discontinued)
Silvie Deluxe's Lotus (Discontinued)
Stoya's Lotus
Suzie Carina's Lotus
Suzie Diamond's Lotus (Discontinued)
Sweet Sophie's Lotus (Discontinued)
Tanya Tate's Lotus
Tarra White's Lotus (Discontinued)
Teagan Presley's Lotus
Tera Patrick's Lotus (Discontinued)
Tori Black's Lotus
Vanilla Deville's Lotus (Discontinued)

There are 34 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

Sensa's Review

About myself: I am average length and girth, and Im very sensitive especially during orgasm. Thus I prefer smooth, gentle and less intense textures. Lotus was an obvious choice, also because of its popularity. The beginning section is as smooth as it gets. The changing diameter provides you with some subtle and gentle stimulation. Sometimes I just use the first section and dont pass over the Lotu...

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crazyB1's Review

I got the lotus sleeve as a free mystery sleeve. I had not considered buying one as it seemed pretty "tame" I was wrong, this is amongst my favorites. It's very similar in feel in some ways to the heavenly, but still different enough that you can alternate between them and enjoy the difference. It's one of those sleeves that's magic to strap down and have a long enjoyable session with. It slides r...

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kf6dky's Review

The initial insertion from the opening leading into somewhat of a cavity is very common in most females so I'd say its realistic in that sense. Pay attention to your size because with fleshlights, size matters and you're only cheating yourself by exaggerating a little. the texture changes at about 5" and looks like it gets fun from there but with an average 6.5" its just the tip of my penis reachi...

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melenerj's Review

This was one of my first textures, and I absolutely love it. It isn't as intense as the Destroya or the STU, but it feels realistic. I much prefer realistic masturbation over the more stimulating ones because it allows me to better replicate actual sex. The Lotus is the perfect length for me. The "cervix" part ends a few centimeters past the end of my penis when fully penetrated. When I'm climaxin...

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girthreviews's Review

–Reviews For Girthy (or more-sensitive) Guys– TL;DR sleeve summary: 10/10, arguably better than the Mini Lotus and one of the absolute most-realistic sleeves. Great for those who enjoy gentle sensations, but it needs the mod mentioned below if at 7” girth. If you’re more on the shorter side, Mini Lotus may be better. Sleeves work completely differently depending on girth, so these revi...

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Slapshot's Review

This was my reintroduction to fleshlight after many years. The main selling point for me was the high realism rating. So I purchased the lotus texture with the Stoya exterior. The first few times I used it I made the mistakes of not warming it sufficiently beforehand and using thicker lube only. As a result I couldn't feel much and wasn't satisfied. Thankfully I decided to change my approach. I st...

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fleshhippie's Review

Best free sleeve I've got yet. Very realistic (highly recommended if you want realism). Pretty tight, really smooth. Not a ton of variety, but a lot of fun. Uses a lot of lube (do not recommend if you don't want to go through a ton of lube). This is a fun sleeve, I am surprised more people don't talk about it.

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bobbert0k's Review

This is the very first sleeve that I bought and tried. I bought it because I wanted something really realistic, and this seemed like a good bet. After trying it a few times, I can say I'm not disappointed. It's not nearly as intense as other sleeves but I wasn't looking for intensity here so it doesn't really matter. It's pretty simple and doesn't have much variation; it does feel kinda real so I'...

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JSmith765's Review

I purchased this sleeve after my Mini Lotus was retired. While the (2) sleeves are similar, they are very different. The entry is smooth and fairly long. This really adds to the realism of the sleeve. However, I had to re-lubricate a couple of times as there no nooks for the lube to stay. In the full sized Lotus, the Lotus node if further back in the sleeve. This is why you got this sleeve....

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FurryKilometers's Review

Most realistic sleeve I have tried so far. After using it I realized I should have bought the mini-lotus because being 6 inches I could barely reach the best spots. Even though I could reach all I wanted to if I tried, I like being able to reach everything easily. Nevertheless, I very much enjoy using this sleeve; it's one of my favorites due to the realism of it.

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Chrischie09's Review

First of all, i have to say i am not a native speaker, so please be lenient with me if some sentence are just nonsense or there are spelling mistakes. I try to give my best the share my experience with you. Note: This one was a free mystery sleeve included in my Order. I wouldn´t bought this sleeve, beacause the pattern looks boring. But i was fooled myself and almost this one escaped me. The L...

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alexdm's Review

This texture was included with the Jessica Drake Fleshlight. I have used it for a couple of weeks. The texture is very smooth and it feels great. However, it is missing some variation. It feels the same from top to bottom. I would have preferred more "bumps" along the way. Also, the texture is not as tight as I wanted it to be. It would have felt much better if it was tighter. Despite these drawba...

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Excelsior37's Review

Some dismiss the Lotus texture, but it's a good sleeve for 3 uses in my opinion, 1) a good beginner's sleeve, 2) a good edging sleeve, 3) a good realistic sleeve. I like to use it to edge and to see how long I can last while using it. The Lotus features a smooth canal with the lotus node around the 4 inch mark, and if you are not well endowed, you can always take the sleeve out of the case to push...

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RustlerMaster's Review

Set up knock down. The original fleshlight girl is good for a nice solo sesh. There's not too much to say about this fleshlight except that it will always be a good one. That's it, no fancy review, no awesome conclusion. Just a standard fleshlight that if its your first it'll be nice but after you get it you'll be looking for a little more. The node and convex cave are incredibly apparent and you'...

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Weeping_Souls's Review

The Lotus canal creates, thanks to the smooth side walls, an utterly realistic stimulation. The constant change of the canal diameter ensures a pleasing massage of the penis head, which has increasing or decreasing intensity depending on the tightness of the canal. The penetration through the canal constriction of the lotus node is prominently noticeable with an awesome sensation. When exiting the...

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rootsdub's Review

As a first time buyer what struck me is how strange the actual insert is. Its like some sort of Hollywood FX stuff, or like if you went and bought a really expensive mask it would be made of the same material. It is super soft and the Fleshlight is really large. I gave it a rinse like people suggested, let it dry and then put the thing together. Used some Astroglide and put some inside the thing....

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FLfan's Review

Of the 17 fleshlight toys that I own, this was my first one I ever bought. I would highly recommend it and I still use it a ton even though it is a couple years old. I can easily say that it is the most realistic feeling fleshlight that I have experienced to date. It is not too tight and does not require too much lube to enjoy. This should be the first fleshlight for anyone interested in starting...

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masterjedishane's Review

Just going to keep this Fast. I really didn't like or enjoy the Lotus. To smooth and not realistic to me. Not to mention the Lotus Chamber was either to short or tooo deep for my size. I may be willing to give a Mini-Lotus a go, but I'm not in a big rush.

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TMoD7007's Review

A little about my background at the start: I'm an average build circumcised guy and I'm really into strong sensations. Because of a very extensive style of circumcision it can be hard to reach orgasm multible times in a row. I'm sexually quite active with a pretty adventurous woman at my side, that luckily finds Fleshlights and me using them pretty hot. ;) At the Lotus sleeve: I got one of these...

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FLair's Review

The lotus texture has more going for it than what people give it credit for, not because it is a bad textured sleeve but because of how stimulating some of the other more detailed textures are. The lotus has a nice smooth tight entrance that really gets a grip of your shaft without being too tight, and opens up as you get deeper unveiling the lotus node and back chambers which truly pulsate sensat...

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seadog's Review

Lotus and Mini Lotus are not the same texture - don’t really wanna compare them now which is better, but I really needed to say this as many newcomers are still confused because of the name. Another myth is that you need to be well endowed to enjoy it - you don’t. There are some cool things after the 6 inch mark - back chambers - which nicely add to the overall feeling but they are not the mai...

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PapaPalpatine's Review

I got the Eufrat Mai Lotus as my mystery sleeve in the 2015 Black Friday deal. Based on the feel I think I can understand why most people like the mini-lotus better. The nodes at the back of the sleeve do feel pretty good going through them, but if you are average sized you may only get to feel one of them. I'm also torn in how I feel about the actual lotus node it self. The lotus node appears in...

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diddilygogo's Review

Pretty much the standard Fleshlight Girl to get. If you're looking for a sleeve that close to the feel of a vagina, this is your best bet, especially if you're on the bigger side. Not too tight, not too loose. The inner texture is very mild, no spikes or deep chambers, nothing too intense. This is especially good for a quick cleanup time compared to other sleeves. I'd say this or the mini are safe...

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blackarm59's Review

From the moment you open the box you can tell it's a quality product. Remove the plastic insert, give the sleeve a precautionary clean and you're ready to go. You will need plenty of lube, and during a long session you may well have to apply more, but from the moment you part the lips of the Fleshlight and slide in it's an absolute joy. (I love the way the lips expand around my cock, almost like...

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Darvin76's Review

Well. In short i dont think this texture is anywhere near worth of buying. Not even when considering its "Realism" Rating. I ll talk about some negatives first: 1. As an average guy with +- 12,5 cm in circumference (or how you say that in EN) i have problem with the texture entrance that is quite tight.. I dont say i cant penn it but after a while even with a really good lubricant it dries off an...

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adangolepolecat's Review

I bought this sleeve during the march madness event on Misty Stone's birthday when her sleeves were 20% off. The sleeve and case came out to 59 so i ended up having to buy a vibrating cock ring to get free shipping. Kinda annoying but they threw in a 10% off coupon and 2 samples of their shitty lube so I guess it's ok. Not to talk shit about ILF but their lube just isn't great Astroglide has been...

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mrbean's Review

THE ORIFICE: Lisa Ann's pussy orifice is gorgeous, just like in the pictures. She's got a small clit sticking out, so that's nice. If you don't know already, you can get a variety of orifices with the Lotus, so pick your fave! THE ENTRY: Lisa Ann is tight! It started to tear almost immediately, but there are looser orifices, if you prefer. Anyway, the entry is smooth. THE TEXTURE: And the rest o...

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Rayne's Review

Background: Bought this along with the Tera Patrick twista as part of the ménage-a-trios deal (2 FLG's with cases and a 2oz bottle of gun oil lube for $130). This was back before the fleshtone color was introduced and signature textures weren't available for every fleshlight girl. I chose raven's orifice given the favorable reviews I'd heard from forum members. Impressions: The orifice looked go...

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dekker's Review

This one was a surprise to me. I didn't think I was going to like it much, but I really do, even from the first use. I used a mini-lotus before this, and didn't like it a whole lot, so I didn't go into the regular lotus with great expectations. However, I like this one WAY better than the mini! The tight penetration that opens up and sucks you in is way more pleasurable and stimulating than I...

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Rewreaver's Review

This was the first one that I got and I was pretty happy with it. Not hard to clean up (not that any really are). Felt good, but it felt kind of loose, especially after I've tried a couple others. Didn't seem to require all that much lube.

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phil1026's Review

I also received the Lotus as the "mystery" sleeve in the FLG 3 for 2 deal. I wound up with the Lisa Ann orifice, which was great for this milf lover. :D I very much agree with other reviewers....the first time I tried it I popped out and went back to my Alexis Texas Outlaw. But after 4 or 5 tries with the Lotus it does begin to "blossom", "flower", however you'd like to put it. There's a reason...

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HeresJohnny's Review

I received the Lotus as a surprise during a "Free Surprise Sleeve" offer week. Now I did plan on ordering one anyway since there were many good reviews and people were raving about it on the forums, so seeing that I even managed to get a discontinued (Raven Riley) version I was pretty excited! So out of my order containing four Fleshlights, I tried out the Lotus first. Sadly, I found the Lotus to...

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Casquetero's Review

The Lotus is a smooth texture with a canal that has various chambers of different diameters as the source of stimulation. If you look at a textbook illustration of a vagina, you will notice that the diameter variations were designed to copy the shapes inside the vagina. In THAT SENSE, the Lotus is the most realistic texture from ILF. At the 4 inches mark, you will find what could be the Lotus' maj...

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ThePowerHouse's Review

ILF’s only vaginal insert to be used across the entire FLG line is supposed to simulate vaginal sex perfectly. Now, when I first got this one and tried it out I was completely disappointed with it, but after having it for some time now and getting a chance to use it more I have really come to love it. The vaginal lips and clitoris are so much better to look at, since they are molded after Raven...

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