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Nicole Aniston
Fleshlight Girls

Fit is our newest sensation featuring riveting ribbed-nodules SuperSkin technology made for stamina interval training. Designed for maximum sexual performance, you are sure to burn calories as Nicole Aniston's signature Lady texture whips you into shape.


Nicole Aniston Vagina

First Release around January 2016.

Average ratings and rank calculated from 38 user-ratings.

There are 13 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

CountBanana's Review

Notes: I always keep the suction cup open. Orifice: As I am writing this review I have a video playing on my second monitor. In this video Nicole Aniston is getting pounded, giving me good view on her gorgeous pussy. At the same time her Fleshlight is sitting on my desk in front of me also giving me a good view on her beautiful pussy. It is lubed and ready just like Nicole's pussy in the video....

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7verdz's Review

First off, I have the ice version of this sleeve, so my review may be a little different than the typical. I got the ice sleeve Fit as a mystery gift during the April Spring fling sale 2017. I am really happy I got this sleeve, so much so, I will probably buy a flesh version as the ice is a bit too sticky, as some may agree. The things that stand out on this sleeve is it has very good variation fr...

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fatblunt's Review

This was my second sleeve.Its pretty loose so you feel the texture a lot.Slidig in is easy and immediatly you feel the spiral, everything after that kinda blends together for me. This sleeve is good for edging but if you don't pay attention you can finish too soon.

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girthreviews's Review

–Reviews For Girthy (or more-sensitive) Guys– TL;DR sleeve summary: 10/10, pleasurably fits with its workout theme as a lower-intensity sleeve you can pound for ages without it getting boring or pushing you too hard. Sleeves work completely differently depending on girth, so these reviews are here to help average-length girthy guys find the textures that fit best. Those with sensitive membe...

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randolando's Review

This is a pretty good sleeve. Aesthetically, it's a pretty unique looking sleeve. It's almost more boxy than other vaginal sleeves. The first penetration is amazing, and the rest of the texture is pretty nice. I was enjoying it while using it, but the best part was how intense the orgasm was. By far the best orgasm I've had in a fleshlight to date.

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fleshhippie's Review

This might be my favorite sleeve. The texture is very stimulating and varied. It is not a tight sleeve so you can play with it for a while if you want, although you can finish pretty quickly as well. The orifice is nothing special, though. I highly recommend this sleeve.

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PapaPalpatine's Review

I honestly bought this sleeve solely because of Nicole, the texture likely could have been anything and I would have still bought it. That being said I fucking love this sleeve. Fantastic variation and not too tight make this a great sleeve to be used for edging but at the same time is also good for a quickie session. it can literally Fit into whatever style of FLying you prefer and I will not apo...

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420baked's Review

About Me: I am 25 and have an athletic build and a 7.5” x 5.5” circumcised dick. I have a sensitive cock and have had multiple sexual partners. I am actually engaged so I regularly have sex. I have a short refractory period, so I can usually cum once quickly and then a second time after a decent time without even exiting my fiancée. This is from my very first FleshLight haul ever, so I am...

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ummyea's Review

Fit is an amazing fleshlight if you are looking for something that is on the more intense side of the fence without being as overpowering as something like the jenna haze obsession. Its the perfect middle ground on intensity before you get into the ones where you would have a longer session with due to lack of texture. You might think cleanup would be difficult with all the different chambers and...

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yyzloopy's Review

My first FLG sleeve and I love it! It's always the one I leave in my case so if I need to fly again, I can get right back inside. I think penetration is the best, followed by the ending third (I'm 7 inches). Doesn't need a ton of lube, but I prefer using the ice lube on this. I bought this back at the end of May and is still holding up.

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portdrunk's Review

First off, I'm 7 - 7.5 inches & 6 inches +/- around. I've quite a lot of experience with onaholes and sleeves both. Had the fit for a little while now. This is a magnificent sleeve. The lips are very inviting, creating a large cavity before entry which I love. It feels more real. It is the first part of the texture, thought the hole is well back inside the labia. Sensation and Intensity: The se...

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Dybu1819's Review

Initially, I bought this sleeve due to it being a FLG that I liked and it was the only texture available. I had a thought that perhaps the lack of realism in the texture would negatively affect my enjoyment, however it was quite the opposite. It slides in easily and the texture is very stimulating, though I wouldn't call it too intense. This is definitely one of those ones that build up with littl...

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revtwentyseven's Review

I got Nicole Aniston's Fit as a sleeve only option during the 2016 BF/CM sale. Part of what intrigued me was the billing, plus this year I felt adventurous and wanted to take a gamble on a relatively new sleeve. Aesthetics: As a fellow FA member commented, aesthetics should be considered with the overall review. I agree. Nicole Aniston's vulva certainly looks unique, like a real woman's vulva, an...

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