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Angela White
Fleshlight Girls

Our newest, most luscious texture embodies the class, grace, elegance and beauty of Angela White. Intermixed spirals of soft and stimulating surfaces create a wonderful, sensuous experience inside.


Angela White Butt

This texture was also available for an extremely limited time during Winter 2014 as an ICE variation.

First Release around October 2014.

Average ratings and rank calculated from 22 user-ratings.

This texture has 2 variations:
ICE Entice

There are 6 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

yyzloopy's Review

This was my second FLG first butt purchase. It was, alright, to say the least. I enjoyed very long sessions with this, but they did require a lot of lube. It's similar texture throughout, but it's pleasurable. Lots of lube isn't just needed for long sessions, but it's to prevent an intense sucking to the point that you hurt afterward. Seriously, leave the cap off a little and use lube.

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churro1212's Review

Very tight orifice. The spiral nodes wraps around the penis and you can feel the bumps on your head as you're moving in and out. Walls are very smooth where there aren't any nodes/bumps. Fun to edge with. I was hoping to feel the texture more but maybe because of my size, if you're bigger this could be a great sleeve for you.

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BillyMays90's Review

This was the first anal texture I ever tried, and it remains one of my favorites. I will come out and say that I am not a huge fan of a lot of the anal textures that Fleshlight has put out for the FLG series, but this one is the exception. It is an interesting texture with some teeth similar to a Barracuda or Destroya, but also with these circular bumps to fill up the rest of the empty space. T...

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Chef4130's Review

Just got three sleeves that were on my wish list today, and let's just say I was a busy guy this afternoon. I'm sure most of you know about the "waiting game" watching UPS tracking on the website, so I was pleasantly surprised when they decided to deliver early this morning. You see, the wife is out of town, and since I'm a big fan of anal and she's not, I have wanted to get inside this sleeve sin...

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phil1026's Review

"Out of my 1st 3 FLs, Entice is my least favorite....I find it tight (I know I know, it's an anal sleeve), but I come out kinda raw from it after. I am 7.5" uncut.....but real life anal doesn't make me raw like this. It's better if I bury into it and stay deep, but I like long strokes. In fairness it's only been 2 flights with Entice...." I wrote this on the Fleshlight forums. I was WRONG. SO WRO...

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fl4life's Review

Angela White is smoking hot and glad she became a FLG. This one might even replace my top FLG Raven Riley out of her top spot of prettiest orfice. Sleeve feels really good when it is lubed right, but seems to dry pretty quick so i kept reapplying(kinda like my g/f). The suction didn't seem to be a problem or there at all some times so i didn't mess with the end cap at all. I was quite amazed how g...

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$ 79.95

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