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Artificial Intercourse

Get turned on by a bionic experience with the #1 selling product in Artificial Intercourse. Made with Fleshlight's® patented SuperSkin material in stunning detail, you can now take your cock on a journey through the ejaculation super highway.

The inner canal of the Cyborg Fleshlight is a multi-chamber system consisting of four chambers. The first chamber is approximately 1.3 inch (35 mm) in length with a relatively tight diameter of 0.5 - 0.6 inch (14 - 12 mm). Inside the chamber is a dense cross-rib texture, created by five 0.1 inch (2 mm) wide ribs. After a 0.4 inch (10 mm) tight passage, the second chamber follows, which is 1.3 inch (35 mm) in length with a diameter of up to 0.6 inch (15 mm). At the upper and lower surfaces of the chamber are two oval areas with relatively wide (0.15 inch / 4 mm) cross ribs. Additionally, the chamber side-walls are covered at the left and at the right by two very distinctive longitudinal seams that run throughout the entire chamber (with some extensions).

Cyborg Pussy

If you choose the Vibro version of the Fleshlight Cyborg, you can place up to three vibrating "Fleshlight Bullets" into the special side-pockets located on the outside of the insert. The stimulation is then accompanied by a gentle vibration and the bullets additionally tighten the canal entrance, resulting in an increased tightness sensation upon penetration. However, if you have an above average sized (and thick) penis, it could become too tight and you should use just one bullet or two bullets rather than all three.

First Release around September 2011.

Average ratings and rank calculated from 18 user-ratings.

This texture has 3 variations:
Glow In The Dark Cyborg (Discontinued)
Normal Cyborg
Vibro Cyborg

There are 11 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

fleshhippie's Review

I like this sleeve more than I thought I would. First, the orifice has a great feel to it, and the initial penetration feeling matches it. Interesting, nice, and tight up front. The texture is fairly bland/not stimulating thereafter, but it remains pretty tight and then opens up a little for a nice release.

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girthreviews's Review

–Reviews For Girthy (or more-sensitive) Guys– TL;DR sleeve summary: 8/10, SUPER rough and intense. Only advisable if you like (and your skin can handle) scraping ribbed sections — though it’s possible the silver version of the sleeve is a little softer than the pink one I have. Sleeves work completely differently depending on girth, so these reviews are here to help average-length girthy...

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Frankie's Review

I got the pink version as a mystery sleeve and though I am glad I got this one so I could try a vibro sleeve, it was fairly disappointing. It is by no means a bad or unpleasant sleeve, however it is neither good nor very pleasant either. The material feels sub par in comparison to the FLG sleeves and with only 2 bullets inserted there is hardly any room for you to fit inside the orifice, this tigh...

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ohhey's Review

I got this as a freebie mystery sleeve in the St.Patrick day sale earlier this year. When I first seen it I was thinking huh this looks like it could be good. I was very wrong..... The cross rib section at the start caused my dick to feel mostly numb.... The longitudinal seams I kid you not left abrasions on my head (which I didn't notice building because of the numbness). I used plenty of lube. T...

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FLfan's Review

Who hasn't fantasized about sleeping with a robot? This is my only vibro texture that I have and I really like the concept. The exterior of the vagina is nice and has a sci-fi theme. The interior is very pleasurable when the vibrating bullets are not installed. Once the bullets are installed, the entrance is almost too tight. The vibrations result in a powerful orgasm though!

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siliconelover's Review

I didn't like this texture, not enough going on and what was is lost on this reviewer. The areas that have texture are too few and far between. Also, strangely enough- the raised bump-ridges are not stimulating enough while the strange electronic line thingy is too noticeable, though not in a good way. I found it kind of irritating, even with lubrication. The smooth walled sections would not hold...

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mrbean's Review

THE ORIFICE: Quite possibly the most beautiful Fleshlight pussy orifice. OMO, Stoya is the best FLG pussy orifice, but this is the most beautiful of the non-human ones. Anyway, this one has it all! A nicely placed, prominent clit, grooved pussy lips, perfectly shaped and symmetrical. The bottom of the lips juts out pretty far, with a grooved dimple. Great for sucking on! Also cool robot-like desig...

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Rayne's Review

(Vibro version) Background: ILF was offering a deal where if you spend $100 on an order you'd get a free mystery sleeve. The cyborg vibro was the sleeve I got which worked out nice since I was kind of hoping for either that or a vforce sleeve. The reason I hoped for the cyborg was because the orifice looked inviting. However from the reviews I had seen on the forums it seemed like the texture was...

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dekker's Review

Oh my this is a good one. From the picture, the texture looks pretty wild. What it really ends up feeling like to me is very similar to a super-ribbed (or that section of a swallow, as I don't own a true super-ribbed), but with irregularities. It's not a uniform sensation of ribbing, and this might just be my imagination because it's not very distinct, but it seems like I can feel the "circuit...

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Casquetero's Review

The Cyborg is maybe the FLF (Fleshlight Freak) with the lowest reception of all. Maybe it is because it looks and performs as a low intensity sleeve very similar to the Original and the Lotus - and FL users tend to prefer high intensity textures such as the Destroya. The Cyborg texture has an interesting orifice with pussy lips that create a nice vacuum when you go deep and caress your shaft if...

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ThePowerHouse's Review

So, did you ever want to bang the so called “perfect” organism? An organism improved to be an evolution of the human species? The ultimate synergy of human and robotics is now available for your personal use; the Cyborg. It is apparent the “improvements” included an upgrade to perfect the symmetry of the labia majora, clitoral hood, glans clitoris, and labia minor along with the arteries a...

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