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The Fleshlight Ice masturbation device offers a cool new perspective on penetration. It's the only Fleshlight that is transparent, heightening visual stimulation by allowing you to watch the action inside.

The Crystal canal starts with a spherical chamber with a diameter of 0.6 inches (15 mm). The chamber contains a ring of several angular trapezoidal bumps. Next there is a tight 0.4 inch (10 mm) connecting passage, which is covered with a gentle ripped texture. This is followed by a passage that widens to 0.6 inches (15 mm) and also has a ripped texture, which is however more distinctive than the preceding one. The canal continues on to another spherical chamber with a diameter of 0.7 inches (18 mm) that is covered this time with four cylindrical and several hemispherical bumps. Following the spherical chamber is a narrow 0.4 inch (10 mm) wide connecting passage which continues into a 0.6 inch (15 mm) chamber, which has oppositionally arranged rectangular indentations in the side walls. The canal ends with a final teardrop-shaped chamber covered with a slightly ribbed texture.

ICE Pussy, ICE Butt, ICE Mouth and ICE Cheeks. ICE Stealth orifice has been discontinued.

The Fleshlight Ice consists of a clear case and a unique transparent stroker sleeve. Made from the same patented SuperSkin™ material as our other models, the Ice sleeves represent time-tested quality in a stunning new light. The rounded design of the case magnifies the action inside, allowing you to watch every stimulating detail of your Fleshlight experience.

First Release around November 2010.

Average ratings and rank calculated from 39 user-ratings.

This texture has 4 variations:
Butt Crystal
Mouth Crystal
Pussy Crystal
Stealth Crystal (Discontinued)

There are 17 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

rich28988's Review

The butt orifice is one of the tightest (probably as tight as Brent Corrigan's orifice). The inner chamber wraps around the dick, almost feels like you're being swallowed. The variation in textures means that you can get different sensations by focussing on different parts of the sleeve, so I find it pretty perfect for edging. The semi-transparency is an added bonus. It's really stimulating to be...

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FurryKilometers's Review

This fleshlight is one of those that looks better than it is in real life. The pictures you see of ice fleshlights are more clear than it really is. This is especially true the more you use it. It starts to get cloudy after a while and can even turn kind of yellow if you don't take great care of it. That being said, you can still see yourself pretty easily and it is really sexy to watch. I can see...

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Excelsior37's Review

The Fleshlight Ice I have a love/hate relationship with. I like the design, it feels great, not too intense and a good edging sleeve which I enjoy. The main draw to it is you get to watch yourself inside of the Ice sleeve which is really cool and exciting, but it comes with a price-the texture is a bit tacky/sticky than your regular Fleshlight sleeve. This means that any kind of debris/hair will s...

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sbaby's Review

As a gay man, ICE was my first impression of fleshlights. Its biggest strength is obviously the visual effect. I personally love watching cocks moving in and out of the sleeves. The texture itself is no slouch either. It's quite complicated and I find the orb inside particularly stimulating. It's a good place for the cock head to linger and poke around for a while. When the finale time comes, the...

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Shima's Review

1st Impression: This being my 2nd Fleshlight, I ordered it before Valentine's Day, Mostly because compared to the many others on the site at the time, it was about 25% off and when I came across videos online, many clips I watched, this transparent was the one I saw the most of! (Next to the STU that is!)


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FLfan's Review

I have a love hate relationship with the ice textures. Most of the pleasure comes from watching yourself enter the toys, but the sensation doesn't seem to be as memorable as the fleshlight girls lines. The ice toy seems to get stickier faster. But, it is really hot to watch as you use it, as everything seems magnified.

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pornaccount9876's Review

I got this sleeve as a free mystery bonus during a fleshlight sale a few months back. It wasn't the one I was hoping for, but I was interested in trying an Ice fleshlight anyway. Unfortunately, I was mildly disappointed, but I don't think it's entirely fair to blame the texture for that. Most of my problems have to do with the orifice I got: the mouth. It juts out way too far, so it takes a long t...

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siliconelover's Review

This sleeve is so great for intensity. It has all these different chambers with their own textures, and it really works for me. I have the "Lady" orifice, and the entrance walls hug me like no other. When fully inserted, I can always feel those walls lovingly hugging the base of my shaft. This is one of the most noticeable sensations for me about this sleeve, it feels like it loves me inside it an...

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FLair's Review

The Ice Crystal sleeve is an awesome sleeve in my opinion, with great distinctive features like the super ribs before the round bumped chambers that vary in size which are super stimulating, and the open block filled chamber at the back that opens up for a nice gentle feel behind the intense entrance and half way points. The see through ability of the sleeve is quite appealling aswell, just cool t...

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revtwentyseven's Review

I got the Crystal sleeve in the “Mouth” orifice as a free sleeve in part of the Cyber Monday Sale promotion. While the concept of a clear sleeve was interesting, it was not intriguing enough to plop money down. However, as a free sleeve (can’t turn down anything “free” now…), I decided to give it a go… or 5 (no, not in a row, in case one was wondering). Aesthetics: As a fellow FA mem...

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mitch275's Review

It's REALLY REALLY REALLY sticky. It's weird. Comes out of the package and sticks to your hands, but your hands stay clean. It will stick to anything. But once you warm it in water the stickiness disappears, so you need to keep it damp when you put it into the case. Needs just a bit of lube. The ability to watch your dick penetrate and stroke in and out makes the stickiness and added maintenance w...

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Alex_K_USA's Review

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: This was the first FL sleeve that I bought, and when I first entered it I thought, "How are you supposed to last any time at all in this?" I came very quickly the first time. PROS: The first open chamber with the nubs on the inside is a great stimulation, and no other FL has quite the same structure. The intensity is really high. The look of this piece is just amazing when y...

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lumpynose's Review

This was my first one. In the beginning I really loved it. But then after a few months, maybe 6 or so, it developed a tear along the inside so I ordered another one. The second one also developed a tear after several months. So it seems that it's not made very durably. I don't know if it's because it's clear or what. I've also realized that it's too aggressive of a texture for me and that I...

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Flaot's Review

This sleeve was my second, and was ordered in the Mouth orifice. My first fleshlight being the Stamina Training Unit, I feel that I was slightly spoiled by the STU. This sleeve feels very tame in comparison and can feel dull if you happen to use too much lube. The mouth orifice seems a bit bland as well, as the lips felt too soft for its own good. The vagina orifice however, felt a bit tighter, a...

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ToeKnee's Review

Its important to keep this sleeve as pristine as possible to maintain clarity, that means no cornstarch or towel drying which lead to cloudiness. My first sleeve for the ice crystal is a pure orifice which is nice for getting into the farther portions of the texture. However my sleeve can with a huge bubble which led to a hole on the back and customer service sent me an extra sleeve to compensate....

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Casquetero's Review

The ICE Crystal is a fairly complex texture. You will see an abundance of sections with nubs, ribs, tight sections, and even a spherical section with nubs. It is impossible to describe, so the best way to understand is by looking at a picture. Now, all these textures promise intensity... if you are long enough. The main issue with the Crystal is that although it feels good, if you are like me a...

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ThePowerHouse's Review

The Crystal brings a new shape into the texture mix, a sphere. As you can see from the pics, it has bumps lining it. All I can say about it is that I cannot enter that sphere, or orb as ILF refers to it, enough while using it! As you enter the texture you begin with a small chamber lined with bumps followed by two distinct sets of ridges from the Wonder Wave. The first set is tighter than the foll...

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