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Misty Stone
Fleshlight Girls

First you'll enter past the three rows of alternating speed bumps and ribs, then on to the grinding action of the vortex, another set of bumps, and then vortex again, and if you're still going, you've got one more soft set of larger bumps that will softly welcome you home with a nice hug.

The canal texture starts with a 0.8 x 0.6 inch (20 x 15 mm) smooth walled chamber, which has a ring of flat hemispheric bumps at the end. The shape and size of the bumps is comparable to those of the Speed Bump Insert. Next is a 0.4 x 0.6 inch (10 x 15 mm) chamber containing another ring of hemispheric bumps. This is followed by a third 2.35 x 0.7 inch (40 x 18 mm) chamber that has a ring of hemispheric bumps at the chamber entrance as well as the exit with a zigzag-shaped ridge texture in the center. Experienced Fleshlight users will be familiar with this ridge texture because it has been partially borrowed from the Vortex Insert. The fourth chamber has the same structure as the preceding chamber except for some additional bumps at the end.

Misty Stone Pussy

First Release around October 2010.

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There are 6 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

FLfan's Review

Misty Stone's vagina is one of the most underrated fleshlight sleeves out there. The texture of her is unlike any other and it seems that the softness of the toy is higher than any of the others. I would like to see more black models highlighted in the fleshlight girls lines. This texture is a nice, smooth orgasm that is easy to get lost in.

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siliconelover's Review

I really wanted to like this texture, but alas it does not do the trick for me. Let me start by saying the entrance is beautiful, Misty Stone is so very hot. The coloring of the material is nice, too. The vortex texture just doesn't seem to work for me, and the bump parts didn't do much either. At least I have the swallow texture in Misty's likeness, and that one is a thrill every time.

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slim_shaky's Review

Orifice: The orifice here is not the most exciting looking one. Misty's lips are small and kind of disappear once you enter. Texture: The 'grind' part is the Vortex texture, which consists of shallow wide zig-zagging ribs along a varying diameter canal. I also have Vortex, but I don't like it very much because it is kind of rough ('grinding'). The 'bump' part is that here the narrow parts of t...

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ToeKnee's Review

I agree with other users on the realism of this texture. Like other full sized sleeves I am no where near reaching all of the texture but I do enjoy the parts that I do. It is a very subtle texture that slowly builds into a great release and the lack of tight areas is actually nice for eliminating that "choking" feeling I get sometimes with other textures of changing diameter.

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ThePowerHouse's Review

Well it is about time that FleshLight added a dark lady to lineup; it was getting a little racist! The first two times I used this texture I was extremely disappointed, but my last FLight turned out great. As always, there is a break-in period even if you don't have DGS. Anyway, despite having patches of Vortex swirls and loads of "teeth" from the Swallow it is not as good as either of those. Don'...

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Casquetero's Review

When you look at the Bump 'N' Grind (BnG from now on), the texture by itself doesn't look impressive. The BnG is another composite texture made from known features: An entrance made of three rows of bumps (from the Swallow texture) separated by thin bands followed by a section of the Vortex texture. This pattern repeats on a second, smaller chamber and culminates with a circular bumps pattern at t...

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