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Perhaps this is proof that Bigfoot does exist. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be pleasured by a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid? Either way, this is your opportunity to be taken for the wild ride that only a folkloric creature could give you. With the ripply, lush labia at the point of insertion and the enhanced protruding pleasure beads that are not seen in any other Fleshlight, Bigfoot is sure to offer you BIG orgasms. Enter if you dare!


Bigfoot Lady Orifice

First Release around October 2017.

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ItisIaThrowaway's Review

Sooo my first impression upon opening the clamshel: ''Holy shit, these labia are awesome'' So once i took a picture of it for this topic i went to wash it, during washing i tested the texture and its comparable with the STU, although the bumps are noticeably larger in the Bigfoot, The labia are large but you can press them down do your body quite easy, the texture starts immediately and due to t...

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FLair's Review

Fleshlight's newest addition to the Freaks line, the Bigfoot Lady, features the fleshtone material we all know and love from the Girls range (known for being softer than Original Pink material) and also features massive pussy lips with a nice tight entrance still for great stimulation. That joined with a texture very similar to the STU in both design and feel, the Bigfoot Lady turned out be a grea...

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420baked's Review

I am 25 and have an athletic build and a 7.5” x 5.5” circumcised dick. I have a sensitive cock and have had multiple sexual partners. I am actually engaged so I regularly have sex. I have a short refractory period, so I can usually cum once quickly and then a second time after a decent time without even exiting my fiancée. This is from my second FleshLight haul, so I have some experience now....

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ohhey's Review

Let me start by saying I have an alien but no stu so I already had an idea of what this sleeve would be like, stu but bigger. It looked interesting though because of the larger bumps and slight spaced out in a spiral. The orifice is detailed (some guys like big labia, I am not one of them) while I may not be a fan of what it looks like I don't really look at it anyway so no biggie there. One thing...

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