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The new Fleshlight Alien has landed, bringing along worlds of pleasure. The exclusive texture combines three of our most popular: it starts out with a couple inches of a Vortex canal followed by the ridge in the middle of the Lotus texture and finishes off with the intense STU texture.

The new texture is naturally called "Alien" and consists of a combination of three well-known texture elements which have proven in the past to be especially effective. The canal entrance starts with an elliptical chamber, which is covered with the spiral-shaped Vortex texture, and followed by the Lotus node with a tight 0.4 inch (10 mm) wide constriction that continues into the main canal. The main canal is filled from front to back with the wide and closely positioned bumps of the Stamina Training Unit and has a diameter of 0.45 to 0.6 inches (12 - 15 mm) and is therefore comparatively tight. The forward Vortex chamber and the Lotus node are a bit wider and have a diameter of about 0.7 inches (18 mm).

Alien Pussy

First Release around September 2010.

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fetfet's Review

The interior might not look like the most interesting thing, but the entrance has a very comfy feeling and the speed bumps further ahead make sure to give a steady feeling coming to the climax. Thanks to the simplicity of its structure it's also easy and quick to clean up.

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UnicornMunt's Review

The orifice doesn't exactly turn me on but the curiosity got the best of me! The opening is not as tight as some other sleeves. I could even slip in when semi-flaccid. The spiral chamber really hugs and grips my shaft and an overall exciting feeling for my head and frenulum. It does eat up a nice amount of lube though. Playing just the tip is rather fun too. The best part is when popping the lotus...

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fleshhippie's Review

This is a weird sleeve, and I go back and forth on it (love it, use it a few more times, get tired of it, put it away for a while, repeat). First, the orifice and initial penetration are not tight at all, you can just slip in. The first chamber is very loose, and you can play in it forever. Tightening the cap does not making the initial chamber noticeably tighter. This is also a fun chamber to jus...

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pandaman's Review

The Alien takes some courage to purchase as it is a little off the wall, but once you enter the double clit entrance, you will be in heaven. The interior combines some of my favorite textures like the vortex like entrance and the STU like bumps towards the end. I like this sleeve better than STU but it can be quite an intense sensation, and not very realistic to actual sex (but that is the point)....

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girthreviews's Review

Alien –Reviews For Girthy (or more-sensitive) Guys– TL;DR sleeve summary: 9/10, as fun visually as it is pleasurable to use. Like a STU with variety... soft, and lovely to thrust hard into, while still keeping medium intensity. Only caveat is its inescapable loudness at the entrance. Sleeves work completely differently depending on girth, so these reviews are here to help average-length g...

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ohhey's Review

The blue color of the sleeve is nice and the case is also a nice blue. The orifice is unique and detailed, the shape actually makes entering easy and kinda squeezes your head a bit before even entering (if your is wide enough). It's tight on entrance but the vortex section is looser than the actual vortex sleeve (I have that one as well) I wish they had made this section shorter, the vortex clos...

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420baked's Review

About Me: I am 25 and have an athletic build and a 7.5” x 5.5” circumcised dick. I have a sensitive cock and have had multiple sexual partners. I am actually engaged so I regularly have sex. I have a short refractory period, so I can usually cum once quickly and then a second time after a decent time without even exiting my fiancée. This is from my very first FleshLight haul ever, so I am...

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yyzloopy's Review

First fleshlight purchase and have not regretted it since! The outside is honestly so fascinating that just looking at it is a turn on. The first chamber sucks you in so well. Then it turns into nice lovely bumps that get you off in seconds. You don't need too much lube on this one, but definitely use some. I got this earlier in January and love every second inside it.

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FLKing's Review

ABOUT ME: cut, 7.5in length, 6.5in girth. The Alien is the best first sleeve anyone can buy and a must have for anyone's collection. The vortex + lotus + STU bumps is an awesome combo that can be used for edging or finishing quick. Every orgasm is great, but especially when you take your time to let it build up. As a fairly girthy guy, the STU bumps don't do much for me, but the relatively subtle...

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Chrischie09's Review

The Freaks Fleshlight Series has its own charme and as i searched for my first Fleshlight i always was interested in this sleeve. This sleeve has its own flair. I mean its very crazy of course and i think this fact mainly has aroused my interest. That blue colour and that double clit looks great. Of course the sleeve entry is an image out of fantasy but i like it. It is worth mentioning that the o...

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RustlerMaster's Review

The sleeve is ok and was my first ever! I had it for two years but after realizing there were other sleeves, this quickly took a back seat. There is plenty of variation to the sleeve if you can reach and is very stimulating. I think the best thing about the sleeve is the double clit. If you're into foreplay inserting a small amount of yourself into the sleeve will leave you feeling that real vagin...

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Excelsior37's Review

At first, I was unsure about purchasing the blue Alien doubleclit Fleshlight, but I am so glad I did! Some users have complained that the sleeve was rather sticky but I have not had that problem with this sleeve. It comes in a dark blue case which I like as it helps to differentiate which Fleshlight I want to grab. Upon entering, you notice the vortex texture, followed by the lotus node, and final...

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siliconelover's Review

Great sleeve, it is a replacement for my stamina training unit (STU) which I loved and used so much I kind of wore it out. There isn't as much variation as I would have thought, but it's still more than the STU. The entrance is nice, kind of acts as a funnel for the lube when applied. The vortex portion does not stand out to me, but the lotus node and the heavenly STU bumps sure do. This one is tr...

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TMoD7007's Review

A little about my background at the start: I'm an average build circumcised guy and I'm really into strong sensations. Because of a very extensive style of circumcision it can be hard to reach orgasm multible times in a row. I'm sexually quite active with a pretty adventurous woman at my side, that luckily finds Fleshlights and me using them pretty hot. ;) At the alien sleeve: This sleeve was a h...

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Valven's Review

This texture is something you should try out. It differs from the other fleshlights. The structure itself is very adventurous and stimulating. The only thing that I dislike is that the canal is kind of loose and soft.It isnt as narrow as other textures (e.g. Destroya). One important point: You need lots of lube for this texture!

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fathead3110's Review

I purchased this texture primarily because I loved the visual appeal and was anticipating it a lot (hoping for it's release ever since the initial prototype photos came out years ago). It's a very pretty FL, but the sensations left me a bit lacking. It's easily the "loosest" of all my FLs, and I can't feel too much sensation until I'm fully inserted in it and hit the STU nodes (which are always...

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PapaPalpatine's Review

A solid texture. The twisting texture just inside the entrance feels great, especially with a little twisting while stroking. I will say though that the lotus node feels a bit stiff and has more often than not left me a bit sore on the times I go for longer, deeper strokes and actually makes me miss out on the bumps behind it. However going past and staying past the node in shorter thrusts/strokes...

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mrbean's Review

THE ORIFICE: WTF is that!??? Hey, haven't you seen an Alien pussy before? No? Well it's exactly like this! Just kidding...or am I?? Hey, the Freaks line has a big fantasy element in it so why not go along with it? This orifice is highly creative. If you ever fantasized about getting it on with an alien (and who hasn't after seeing Avatar) this really helps get the fantasy going. There's really no...

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etixtesting's Review

I bought Alien because of overall positive feedback and it being very different than the others (in an interesting way) and i must say it was the most dissapointing texture that i got. Before i start on whats 'wrong' with it, i must mention that many of it problems would be probably solved for someone with longer, thicker penis (myself being bit below 5,5) Cons: - the pussy entrance, except of cur...

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Rayne's Review

Background: Back in 2008 ILF released a limited edition fleshlight in blue featuring the recently new vortex texture and a unique two-clitted 'alien' pussy orifice. Sadly I wasn't paying much attention and let that offer pass me by. Ever since then I kicked myself for not picking one up and getting a chance to experience that enticing looking orifice. I spent the next couple years whining and begg...

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dekker's Review

Wow! I absolutely love this texture. It has the most distinct variation in feeling, including what I think is the best sub-texture there is with the entry spiral. The orifice is looser than most, but it doesn't really take anything away from that awesome spiral penetration. I've seen many other reviews call it the vortex texture, but it's not the same. The vortex is a repeating "V" pattern wi...

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Flaot's Review

I have mixed but mostly positive feelings for the Fleshlight Alien. To start off, the orifice is very well-articulated, and the material compliments it with additional softness. It's pretty large for a fleshlight orifice, but you can still feel the entry. The first texture you will notice will be the vortex, which is pretty decent in itself, and is very noticable if you twist the fleshlight duri...

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seadog's Review

Let's start this review by saying that Alien texture consists of three different parts that are borrowed from the other textures - Vortex part at the beginning, Lotus node in the middle and the STU part from middle to the end. I have all these textures and I must say that Alien does not feel like any of those. I'm not very big fan of a Vortex because of the same, constant ribbing sensation but the...

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Casquetero's Review

The Alien Fleshlight - a specialty Fleshlights was first released with the then new Vortex texture. It was well received by many users, but it was supposed to be a limited release - which in fact was. When it was removed from circulation, its legend began to grow among hard core Fleshlight users. It became a cult item and ILF listened to its customers and made a re-launch of the blue pussy with a...

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fl4life's Review

I order this because i always wanted have my way with a sexy alien. i have to say it really isn't a highly used one in my collection but cool to look at. 1st off it is very wide opening which isn't so bad if you are thicker dude. next it really felt like i had to use a lot of lube to really feel anything but when i did it feels pretty swell and really sucks you off into space in the end but it was...

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HeresJohnny's Review

I received the Alien during the special offer where you got it for free with any orders above $60, a free sleeve is never bad so I thought great! Once my order arrived I didn't try the alien right away, but once I did try it I was a little disappointing. I had read on various reviews that the Alien was an overall good sleeve with great stimulation but sadly it was not doing enough for me. First o...

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ThePowerHouse's Review

The Alien's double clitoris vagina is just awesome! Yes, it is beyond unrealistic, but I still love it. I will say that it is the loosest of all of the other orifices, but you will not care. Ok, on to the texture itself. After you pass through that otherworldly entrance your cock will hit some fantastic spirals. Surprisingly, the sensation they convey to you cock is, despite their Vortex origin, v...

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