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Indulge in an exquisite journey of unparalleled pleasure with La Sirena69's Perla Fleshlight. Immerse yourself in an enchanting world of unrivaled sensations, where each chamber holds the promise of ecstasy designed with a symphony of ridges and nodes that will take you to uncharted pleasure territories. Each movement, each thrust, unleashes an avalanche of sensations, building towards an unparalleled climax that redefines pleasure.

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La Sirena69 Headshot
La Sirena69

Meet LaSirena69, the epitome of allure and enchantment. With a captivating presence that leaves you breathless, she is the embodiment of your wildest desires. Originally hailing from Vene...

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Ramses2110 Reseña

December 15th, 2023 por Ramses2110

So when I first saw La Sirena I was was in Venezuelan heaven and when I saw the sleeves were up hit the order immediately. So your wondering is it worth the buy the honest answer….yes without a doubt. When your looking for realism your gonna find it on initial penetration and as you go through the chambers I feel whether average or big you get a best of both worlds. I’m average as I w... Leer más

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La Sirena69


Fleshlight Girls


La Sirena69's Pussy

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July 2023

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Fleshlight Perla Reseñas

Encontrado 5 reseñas en total

Intensidad 4.6
Estimulación 5
Penetración 5
Estrechez 4
Efecto de succion 3.85
Realismo 3.55
Variación 4
Suavidad 4.4
Grado de orgasmo 5
Ruido 3.4
Uso de lubricante 3.95
Limpieza 3.35
Tiempo de secado 2.95
Ramses2110 Avatar

Ramses2110 Reseña

December 15th, 2023 por Ramses2110
Posee 7 mangas, 4 Valoraciones, 3 Reseñas

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So when I first saw La Sirena I was was in Venezuelan heaven and when I saw the sleeves were up hit the order immediately. So your wondering is it worth the buy the honest answer….yes without a doubt. When your looking for realism your gonna find it on initial penetration and as you go through the chambers I feel whether average or big you get a best of both worlds. I’m average as I would say with girth and as using the production the suction feels nice were it’s not to much but right. It does make bit of noise so be prepared and that increases with cap on. When it comes to the pleasure be prepared for the toes to curl. It will get the job done and feeling will vary on realism from person but the intensity will be agreed across the board. This was definitely a major hit under the radar at the moment with Fleshlight.

So is this worth a buy…yes without a doubt I even got the anal one also and will say both are worth any collection and something you need for change of pace or if your first open you to the world of Fleshlight.

Puntuación 4.15 Satisfacción Gral. 5
1 Darle gracias a
Intensidad 2
Estimulación 4.75
Penetración 5
Estrechez 4
Efecto de succion 4.75
Realismo -
Variación 3.25
Suavidad 4.25
Grado de orgasmo 5
Ruido 2.75
Uso de lubricante 4.75
Limpieza 4.5
Tiempo de secado 4.25
doop220 Avatar

Perla Reseña

February 6th, 2024 por Anónimo
Longitud del pene: 7cm Circunferencia: 5.25cm
Posee 38 mangas, 14 Valoraciones, 13 Reseñas

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Cut, 7in x 5.25in (17.8cm x 13.3cm) Lube: K-Lube. All reviews are written after 5 or more uses. For review purposes I use my sleeves three ways: 1) stroking with my hand, 2) with a hands-free mount, and 3) with a Handy. Autostrokers are kind of a niche use for a Fleshlight. They can radically change how enjoyable a texture is--sometimes worse, sometimes different, sometimes better--so I score every sleeve based on what I thought was the best way to use it. I'll try to note how the texture performed with the Handy in each of my reviews, but because most people don't use Fleshlights that way my rule of thumb is the Handy will only affect my ratings if it made it better.

I didn't really have expectations for Perla. I saw it was under-reviewed here and figured I hadn't heard much about it, so why not. And to make a long story short, there is no other sleeve in my collection that I'd rather use for long-haul sessions. It belongs at the top of the list for low-intensity textures.

I try to last at least 10 or 15 minutes every time I fly. That's really hard with some sleeves, and when it's an intense session the focus it takes not to cum can sometimes take away from the experience. With Perla, every part of the flight is a treat. This is the first time I've reviewed a sleeve and really felt like I understood the difference between intensity and stimulation. Perla will let you last for a long time, and you're going to feel every inch and every second of it. I'd call it low intensity and high stimulation, there's really nothing like it.

Other reviewers on this site do a better job than I could at describing the nuances and different chambers in a sleeve and I usually don't bother. I don't see many reviews on Perla yet though, so I'll give it a shot.

First, the orifice. The clit is low, and so are the lips. It makes entering Perla a bit of a challenge if you're not pretty hard already. But penetration is unlike any other sleeve I've used. I've tried a few textures with lips that grip (Beyond, Ultimate, Tasty, to name a few). Each of those are good in their own right, but Perla is something else. I usually don't watch myself sliding in and out of a sleeve. With Perla I can't help it--not only does it look incredibly hot to see them gripping my shaft, but when I pull out to just the tip, I get a nice pop and those lips still grip hard enough that I feel like I'm still trapped inside. With other sleeves the grippy lips seemed more to me like visual appeal than an actual sensation--not so with Perla. It's an absolutely amazing feeling, and La Sirena's lips are tight enough that I bet most guys, wide or thin, will get to experience it. It's the best part about Perla.

The first and third chambers feature a scaly texture. This is where I know if I've added the right amount of lube or too much. When there's too much, I don't feel it at all. When it's just right, it feels like a light, teasing, scraping sensation along my shaft. It's pleasant and very mild, but that's a good thing for a long session. It feels great and it won't have you begging for mercy after only five minutes. On top of that, the scales feel good at any speed, whether I'm slowly stroking or going as hard as I can.

The second chamber is where most of the intensity comes from for me. There are some finger-like nubs and then a narrow ring, which I feel mostly on my cockhead and frenulum. The fingers tease and the ring pushes against me, and when I push through it makes a satisfying popping feeling, then resists me pulling back out once I'm in. It's probably going to be the most intense section for you too. That said, it's still very mild, but highly stimulating.

The fourth chamber is shaped a little like a lotus node, and both it and the second chamber suck me in really hard once I'm fully erect. It's not a super intense sensation, but it really nicely compliments the other elements of the sleeve. If I thrust my entire length into Perla, it fights me the entire way back out, like it wants me inside of it.

Being 7 inches long, I can't reach very far into the final chamber so I have no notes on it.

Perla is a tight sleeve. Everyone's preference with tight vs. loose is different, and I generally prefer roomier ones because I often find them less intense. But Perla makes me question everything about my preferences, because even though it's tight there's nothing unpleasant about it at all.

Before a Fleshlight is broken in, it's usually not going to give you a good idea what it's capable of. Perla had a lot more in store than my first session let on, but one thing it has remained consistent on is the orgasm. I try to cum at least twice in all my sessions, and I usually can. Perla makes me last longer than even two orgasms in most other sleeves I've tried, and just once is enough to make me completely spent and satisfied. Some of the strongest orgasms I've ever experienced have come with this sleeve. I usually can't help but be vocal when I reach climax.

Because setting up the Handy is work and fiddly stuff, I generally don't like to use it unless it totally changes the experience of FLying with the texture I'm using. Perla is basically the same thing whether you're using your hand, a mount, or a stroker, so I just avoid it. It's good but I prefer having more control over what section I'm focusing on than an autostroker will give me. I can't give it any special recommendation in that regard, but if you like Perla you're going to like it with a stroker too.

You're not going to like Perla if you're recovering from DGS or if you're an intensity junkie. It's nuanced and very mild. If a lighter texture sounds interesting to you though, you ought to try Perla out. Mild, but very stimulating, and lips that grip for days. A one-of-a-kind sleeve.

Puntuación 4.17 Satisfacción Gral. 5
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 3.8
Estimulación 4
Penetración 4
Estrechez 3.6
Efecto de succion 4.1
Realismo -
Variación 4.25
Suavidad 4
Grado de orgasmo 4.35
Ruido 4.5
Uso de lubricante 4
Limpieza 4.1
Tiempo de secado 4.2
revtwentyseven Avatar

revtwentyseven Reseña

February 4th, 2024 por revtwentyseven
Posee 75 mangas, 50 Valoraciones, 47 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

Welcome to another review by yours truly, revtwentyseven!

A few points of info when reading my reviews:

I am circumcised, use Gun Oil H20 lube, and generally FLy several times with each sleeve, including once prior to the review. Most of my reviews reference how that review FLight was accomplished.

Now on to the review for the Perla (vaginal) sleeve of La Sirena69!!

How I got it: I bought this during the BF/CM 2023 sales, in pursuit of expanding my collection.

Aesthetics: The front of the Fleshlight is a anatomically accurate representation of La Sirena69's vulva. The labia is definitely fun to oggle at and even play with. But that's not what a FL is really for, after all.

Lube: As mentioned in the intro, I use Gun Oil H2O, which is a water-based lubricant. DO NOT USE the original silicone variant of lube or any silicone or oil lube. Whilst a modest amount of lube will get you going, more is always better. Given the Perla has a few "nodes" that can trap lube, using a little bit more definitely helps.

Noise: The Perla sleeve does not generate too much noise from the norm for Fleshlight sleeves, and it was not overly noticeable. In fact, I could not hear it over the din of a light stream of water as I FLew with this sleeve in the Shower Mount.

Penetration: When I entered La Sirena69's Perla, I felt the gently narrowing "scales" at the beginning before reaching the "nodes" of the sleeve. This felt great on my glans before reaching my limit in the second series of "scales". The reverse strokes were also enjoyable, as the top of the exit of the node dips down a bit, and I can feel this press on my glans on the in and out strokes. The Perla is a little more of a gentler sensation than the Tesoro, but is still a enjoyable sleeve to penetrate and just as inviting to keep it moving.

Intensity: The longer I've flown with FLs, the more convinced I've become that the sleeves are seemingly reflective of the character of the FLG its made after. In the case of Boom, it's La Sirena69. La Sirena69 starts off as a visually attractive person, but once you go in, she wants you to commit to enjoying her. Perla in this case translates to Pearl in this case, and is it an apt name for this sleeve. This sleeve is fun, pleasant to thrust in and out of and is a real treat if you are willing to dedicate the effort to really enjoy this sleeve. Although it took a little bit longer to reach climax with the Perla versus the Tesoro, the intensity did build. I did have to put a little bit more effort in to get across the line, but the Perla eventually got me going. Or is it coming?

Orgasm: With a FL, there are three orgasms that tend to come about (pun intended). One is a gentle buildup that leads to a nice orgasm. Another is one that causes you to cum without warning. The last is a "when you blow, you know." Perla is a bit of the first and third types. While the intensity built up, I had to "want" to finish in order to reach orgasm. Once I did reach climax, I definitely felt it, and this sleeve will let you know you are going past the point of any inevitability.

Cleanup: A good steady stream of warm/hot water will easily remove all of the lube and aftermath, but do take some time to do so.

Now, if you have the Fleshlight AIR, drying is a breeze. Dry the outer sleeve and the case, put the sleeve back in the case, with neither lid on and screw in the FL to the AIR and turn the AIR on. I've found and unpacked my AIR again, and three presses of the button (for 60 minutes) is all you need to get the sleeve dry. Unscrew from AIR, recap the FL and it's ready to go again. If you don't have a AIR, Paper Towels (and quality paper towels, not store brand economy towels) are your next best friend. Run them through the canal a few times (be careful not to tear them). Then leave out in open air to dry (if you need to conceal the sleeve, stick in a old (but clean) t-shirt loosely to allow air to vent.

The Perla is a great sleeve that allows for some longer sessions if you want. The Perla tends not to be a sleeve that will cause you to orgasm instantly, and you may even need a bit of effort on your end to finish. This is not a top ten sleeve; but if you are into longer sessions with Fleshlights and putting some work in to enjoy the results, the Perla might be for you.

Puntuación 4.10 Satisfacción Gral. 4.4
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 3.3
Estimulación 3
Penetración 3
Estrechez 4.1
Efecto de succion 4
Realismo -
Variación 3
Suavidad 4.3
Grado de orgasmo 3.6
Ruido 4.3
Uso de lubricante 2
Limpieza 4
Tiempo de secado -
Ian678 Avatar

Ian678 Reseña

February 3rd, 2024 por Ian678
Posee 12 mangas, 22 Valoraciones, 22 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

For some context, I'm just over 6" and just under regular girth. As an indication of preference, I'm not the biggest fan of overly tight sleeves because it's more difficult for me to discern the textures, even feel them for that matter. I prefer vaginal to anal sleeves, and usually use a sleeve at least a few times before reviewing. Drying time and realism are negligible ratings to me, since the Fleshlight dryer finishes every sleeve in an hour, and no Fleshlight that I've ever used feels similar to sex. My current top five is Beyond, Cream, Lvl Up, Utopia, and Kumzumi.

For some context, I'm just over 6" and just under regular girth. As an indication of preference, I'm not the biggest fan of overly tight sleeves because it's more difficult for me to discern the textures, even feel them for that matter. I prefer vaginal to anal sleeves, and usually use a sleeve at least a few times before reviewing. Drying time and realism are negligible ratings to me, since the Fleshlight dryer finishes every sleeve in an hour, and no Fleshlight that I've ever used feels similar to sex.

I bought Perla for...well, no reason actually. It was the only sleeve I bought in the order and I had been on a bit of a LaSirena streak, so the release was perfectly timed! I used the sleeve six to seven times or so to break it in since it was initially pretty snug, but unfortunately it wasn't all too impressive. Not that it was bad or anything, it

The orafice of Perla is small, like REALLY small. I am someone who has a regular, if actually a little on the thinner side dick, and the orafice grabbed hold of me when I inserted. This is absolutely not one of those sleeves that you can enter if you aren't fully erect already, which usually isn't an issue, but worth mentioning regardless. I would imagine that it has a lot to do with how the clit doesn't separate, and sits in the middle. Would honestly not recommend for the girthy boys out there.

As far as the chambers are concerned, chambers one and three are similarly constructed, completely of dragon scale like spines. The issue I have with this is the same as I had with Toy Meets World, and its that while the in stroke feels okay - a little less intense due to the small size of the scales - the outstroke is virtually non-existent. It's unfortunate because sleeves like Waifu figured out that disparity and created some stimulation to account for the outstroke, but Perla is unfortunately smooth throughout when pulling back. The scales themselves don't even point outwards enough to really create noticeable sensation. It just feels a little bumpy.

The second chamber on the other hand, is weird. It's like a mix of a little choke-lotus thing, a little piece of the thin ovals from the Squirt sleeve, and some weird teeth that precede it. To me, it's the perfect storm of wrong things. While it does feel pretty good once gotten past, it's not quite tight enough, or stimulating enough, too far up in the sleeve to where it hits a place that I don't focus on pleasuring naturally (right below the head), and ends up just feeling okay. Sure, it's some variety in an otherwise one chamber sleeve, but neither of the chambers create enough disparity to capture a unique enough stimulation. It's good, but that's just about it.

Lube use was surprisingly picky on Perla. If too much is used, the texture of the scales is negated completely, and if not enough is used, the tightness begins to irritate. To me, it's almost certainly not worth the effort to find the perfect balance, as the stimulation just doesn't feel good enough.

The orgasm is a smooth one, where you can keep stroking as you orgasm since the sleeve isn't intense enough for any sort of shattering, take advantage of your tenderness, feeling.

On the brights side, cleanup is easy, since there isn't too many grooves in Perla to watch out for, which I can also imagine help the drying time quite a lot. While usually that's a quality that makes Perla good for beginners, there are better sleeves out there with the same sort of ease.

3.3/5. Perla is by all metrics, pretty bland. If you're a collector, there's no reason to include it since there's nothing unique about it. If you're new to Fleshlights, there's better textures out there for tightness, stimulation, and intensity. As unfortunate as it is, since LaSirena is a beautiful woman and deserving of a sleeve, there really isn't anything here.

Puntuación 3.49 Satisfacción Gral. 3.3
Darle gracias a
Intensidad 4.6
Estimulación 4.6
Penetración 4.85
Estrechez 3.5
Efecto de succion 4.8
Realismo -
Variación 3.85
Suavidad -
Grado de orgasmo 4.85
Ruido -
Uso de lubricante -
Limpieza 4.85
Tiempo de secado 4.75
jmckinno Avatar

jmckinno Reseña

October 2nd, 2023 por jmckinno
Posee 39 mangas, 9 Valoraciones, 3 Reseñas

Traducir Reseña

Hello! I'm a 7inch long guy with 5 inch gerth, circumcised. I use my Fleshlights alone and with my partner.


I bought this sleeve because the opening looked like Cream and the overall texture reminded me of CUPCAKE. I personally love sleeves with geometric bumps, I'm not looking for realism or softness. I just want it to feel unique.

What I found especially interesting about PERLA is you don't have to be really thick to get a surprising experience from the sleeve. I'm not saying it's tight, but it feels just right.

Overall Lubve use was pretty regular, I lubed myself up before I entered. Keep in mind too much lube isn't the way to go with this one.

There is a nice pull that builds up nicely, you get a milking sensation from the start. I usually tease myself, by going in and out the the tip, then driving in a little more and more. I also tilted the sleeve to get a bit more out of the texture.

My size is 7.5-inch length with a 6-inch girth, I stayed pretty hard right up till the end, and aver I came, I stayed pretty hard for a second session.

In terms of realism, it's just different. There is no way to compare a Fleshlight with actually making love to a woman. But PERLA is worth it.

I highly recommend PERLA for anyone looking to buy a more complex toy with nuance. Awesome head stimulation at all sections, especially in the final chamber! Buy this sleeve.

Puntuación 4.57 Satisfacción Gral. 5
Darle gracias a

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