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Penis Length: 13.97cm
Girth: 12.954cm


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First time user. Average size, 5.5” Length and 5.1” Girth, cut. Currently only have one genuine Fleshlight, but have had experience with other knockoffs.

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Intensity 2.45
Stimulation 2.65
Penetration 3.45
Tightness 2.35
Suction Effect 2.95
Realism 3.6
Variation 2.3
Smoothness 3.8
Orgasm Rating 3.55
Noise 2.6
Lube Use 2.85
Cleanup 4.95
Dry Time 4.7

Crush Review

December 23rd, 2020 (Crush Texture)

Finally pulled the trigger on grabbing a proper Fleshlight about a month ago, and was immediately amazed with the quality of the product. Before obtaining this texture, I have used cheaper knockoffs such as a Tracy's Dogg sleeve, but they always seemed to be way too intense for me, and the material just felt cheap.

I chose Crush because of other reviews on here and Reddit because I was looking for something that was much less intense, and could be used for a much greater time. I'm also a fan of Dillion, and really enjoy being able to play with a copy of her beautiful vulva.

When first inserting myself, I'm immediately amazed by the feeling of the little bumps all around. The feeling on my tip is amazing. After the bumps, I'll be honest that I really don't fill much else, but it feels amazing thrusting in and out regardless. It's very easy to tease and edge yourself for a long time with this sleeve, as you can pull out and tease yourself once you feel you're getting close. Perhaps some time I'll try a few mods to make this sleeve a little tighter, but I'm very satisfied with Crush.

Crush is a fantastic entry level sleeve for those who want a less intense, long lasting experience.

Score 3.27 Overall Satisfaction 3.55
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