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Next Level Review

December 11th, 2019 (Next Level Texture)

First off, my dick is slightly below 5 inch in both length and girth.

Kinda TL:DR, but i gotta explain this to make my point:

Next Level is my 2nd flashlight as i decided to get me a very tight butt after my 1st which was the looser Crush. Since i enjoy the Crush the most with its cap off i started using Next Level with the cap off... and i hated it. It made no sense to me to even try the cap on coz why would i do that on the tight sleeve if the loose one is better without the cap. I didnt enjoy it at all. Did 5-10 sessions and then i put it in the locker and got back to my Crush. One day i decided to go back to it, coz damn, i paid solid for it and it feels like a loss if i dont use it at all. I decided to keep the cap on and try. AND HOO LEE SHIIIIDDD. I had my best ever session, it was absolutely amazing. The sleeve is very stimulating, especially with the cap tight on, but what i found as i completely rediscovered that sleeve is going very slow is the sweetest thing ever. Ramming into it full bull mode doesnt give that much satisfaction, but slowly going in, feeling every bump, is divine.

Absolutely amazing for doing one thing - keep the sucking cap on and go super slow on it, feeling it sweet sweet massages. Dont recommend it to people that want to fuck hard like a crazy animal, this sleeve wont give you much satisfaction using it that way.


Crush Review

December 11th, 2019 (Crush Texture)

First off, my dick: Slightly below 5 inch in both length and girth.

This is my first ever sleeve and i must say - its a GREAT one at being that, someone's first sleeve. Its the perfect choice to introduce someone to the world of Fleshlight. It offers big gamma of ways to use and can offer you different experience sessions. Usually its not very intense, but it can be. You can get a mild sesh, you can get a hard one out of it as well. Super easy to clean, dries off relatively fast. Doesn't require a lot of lube. The orifice is nothing special if you're into that. Even though that its one of the looser sleeves i suggest to use it with the cap entirely off as i find that to be the most pleasuring way.

Great sleeve and absolutely perfect for beginners, if you have never used a fleshlight before and you are scratching your head thinking which one to get, THIS is where you start.

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