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Intensity 3.55
Stimulation 3.45
Penetration 4
Tightness 3.55
Suction Effect 4.4
Realism 3.8
Variation 2.05
Smoothness 3.65
Orgasm Rating 4.1
Noise 2.55
Lube Use 3.8
Cleanup 4.35
Dry Time 3.9

Sugar Review

February 15th, 2021 (Sugar Texture)

This is my first sleeve. I’m 8” L x 6” G, thickest near head and head is bigger than shaft. Overall I picked this up as a low to mid intensity looser sleeve. It mostly lives up to that. The lips are good fun, first 4 inches are nice if not too stimulating , and inches 4-7 stimulate me more. Overall hits the low to mid intensity mark well.

My biggest complaint is inches 7-9 where it gets tight. It’s the tightest part of the sleeve. If you’re making it here you’re on the bigger end, and more likely to be bigger girth I would think, so I’m not sure why they made this part tighter. I’m cut and It’s still painful for me most of the time, even when I make sure to properly lube it. So I really can’t insert all the way which is a little frustrating. Might be a mod I could make to make it better but for now I’m just looking at other sleeves that will be more comfortable at the 8” mark

Almost great for the bigger folks with one complaint (8 length x 6 girth)

Score 3.61 Overall Satisfaction 3.45
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