Fleshlight Giveaway

Want a chance to win a Fleshlight Girl of your choice? Will you be one of the 5 lucky winners?!


The winners are:
satchking with 18 entries!
Whiskycup with 15 entries!
Smegg with 114 entries!
Chef1228 with 310 entries!
throbinvanpussy with 101 entries!


FleshAssist Redesign Giveaway

FleshAssist has been live since early 2014, and over these years many users have contributed by rating and reviewing their collections. The original design of the website wasn't ideal, it was not mobile friendly at all, and navigating was quite complicated. It's been long overdue but after many months of hard work I've released the new FleshAssist website!
Every winter I would host a giveaway, but this past winter I decided to delay it until the release to basically celebrate something new! That's why I am happy to announce the fifth Fleshlight giveaway!
As most of you already know, this website heavily relies on your input. So to say thank you for everyone's effort, and with the amazing help from ILF, I'm giving you the chance to win one of five Fleshlights of your choice, any texture, anywhere in the world (where Fleshlight, ILF ship to of course).

Quick Details

We, Fleshlight who are sponsoring this giveaway and I, are giving away five Fleshlights to five lucky winners. The winners can choose any Fleshlight Girl (or Fleshjack Boy) that is currently on the store as their prize! The giveaway will run from 06.05.2019 till 01.06.2019 and the winners will be randomly chosen and announced within three days after that. For full details check out the rules and terms section at the bottom of the page.

Raffle Tickets

In order to have a chance to win a Fleshlight, you'll need at least 1 Raffle Ticket. These tickets are just like your ordinary raffle tickets, but completely free! At the end of the giveaway five numbers will be randomly selected and the prizes awarded to five different winners. You can have as many tickets as you can get, the more the higher chance one of your numbers are going to get chosen!

Earning Tickets

There are a few ways to earn tickets, some for the people who already own a Fleshlight, others for the newcomers. Here's a full list of how you can earn tickets and how many you'll get for each action: (Hover over an item to read more about it!)

For Newcomers (who don't own a Fleshlight, yet):

  • 3 Tickets for simply having an account on FleshAssist and entering the giveaway.

  • 1 Ticket for uploading or selecting an avatar on your profile.

  • 3 Tickets if you have linked your Official Fleshlight Forums account on your profile.

  • 3 Tickets if you check out /r/Fleshlight and post your username on the Official Announcement Thread.

  • 3 Tickets if you have updated your /r/Fleshlight Reddit Flair with your information.

  • 5 Tickets for Tweeting about the giveaway including #Fleshlight (Hover to read more).

  • DAILY BONUS: Play the FleshAssist Wheel of Fortune for a chance at extra tickets and a small chance of getting a jackpot bonus.

Members (including above options):

  • 4 Tickets for each honest rating you have made for sleeves that you own.

  • 5 Tickets if you have picture(s) of your collection along with custom intro-text on your profile.

  • 7 Tickets for each approved review you have made for sleeves that you own.

Please note: only Ratings and Reviews made AFTER 01.01.2019 are counted towards the raffle tickets.

Good luck!

I hope you enjoy this giveaway, it's a way of saying thank you to everyone that has helped this website to become what it is today. I wish everyone, new and old, with Fleshlights and without, the best of luck!

By entering the giveaway you accept you have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed below.



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