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Fleshlight Girls


Tori Black

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Tori Black's signature Torrid texture is one dizzying array of dick tantalizing majesty. This super-texture combines ridges, bumps, rings, and chambers to create a sensation unlike anything we've ever produced. If you've been looking for a mind numbing orgasm, the Torrid is the answer.


The canal entrance with a diameter of 0.4 inches (10 mm) is relatively tight and passes through to the first of the five approx. 1.2 x 0.6 inch (30 x 15 mm) chambers. Here are a lot of tiny bumps that do not have the typical hemispheric shape but look like rounded cubes. In the second chamber are larger bumps in the classic hemispheric shape and similar to the bumps in the Speed Bump Insert. The third chamber is covered with disc-shaped bumps that protrude widely into the inner canal. Inside the fourth chamber are again rounded cube-shaped bumps but they are smaller and not as close to each other as the bumps in the first chamber. In the fifth and final chamber is a texture of hemispheric bumps of the same size as inside the second chamber but they are arranged differently - the bumps are not staggered but rather arranged in lines, one behind the other. Between the chambers are the previously mentioned flap-passages, each of which is formed by three disc-shaped flaps. The three flap parts face each other and almost completely close up the canal.


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Tori Black

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Fleshlight Girls



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December 2010


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