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Textured waves along the length of the canal provide a powerful sensation while providing the control necessary to fully appreciate the Fleshlight experience.


The Wonder Wave insert has a canal diameter width similar to that of the Original insert. A bell-shaped chamber is located at the canal entrance and is followed by another 14 cylindrical chambers that extend to the end of the insert. The chambers are formed by circular constrictions at an interval of 0.6 inches (15 mm). The inner canal diameter is 0.5 inches (15 mm) at these constrictions and 0.6 inches (18 mm) at the chambers.

Product Measurements:

Canal Diameter: 1.5 cm inch
Length: 25.5 cm
Diameter: 10 cm to 6.5 cm


Pink Lady Pussy, Pink Mouth, Pink Butt and Pink Cheeks


To clean the Wonder Wave canal thoroughly, you should briefly turn the insert inside out because some sperm and lube residues build up between the ridges. Drying however is quick, thanks to the relatively wide canal diameter.

Released around February 2002.