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Flight is a discreet and fantastically textured masturbator with an aerodynamic exterior and incredibly bumpy canal to take you to new heights of pleasure. The standard Fleshlight model has been completely redesigned to make it softer, more satisfying and more discreet than ever before. Flight's internal sleeve is transparent with a non-anatomical stealth opening inviting you to plunge into the depths of a textured canal. Lined with dozens of stimulating bumps, the realistic-feel sleeve offers intense pleasure with the added bonus of suction that can be controlled via the screw cap base. Instantly enhance the pleasure of this male sex toy by using lashings of water-based sex lube before and during play.


The entry canal of the Pilot "Mini-Destroya" texture has been shortened by 0.8 inches (2 cm) and as a result, the multi-chamber system has been moved further to the front. In addition, the slightly ribbed rear chamber here has a straight cylindrical shape rather than a funnel shape. Other than this, the size, type and arrangement of the bumps as well as the dimensions of the other chambers are the same as inside the original Destroya canal.

The opening of the Fleshlight Flight product series has a swirl shape, reminiscent of an aircraft turbine. The color of the case of the Flight Pilot is opaque black.



Released around March 2013.