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The spiraling rings of the exclusive Cyclone texture get tighter the deeper you thrust, which when combined with the powerful vibrations offer an experience more intensely pleasurable than even the real thing.


The Fleshlight Vibro Cyclone insert belongs to the Vibro series, which kann be used with three small "Vibrating Bullets", which are put on the sides of the insert.
The inner channel consists of a wide chamber at the beginning while towards the end it becomes more and more constricting, which runs through the whole insert. The diameter of the channel is approximately 18-16 mm in the front region and at the rear region about 12-10 mm. The surface of the channel is covered by a spiral-shaped seam that winds through the main chamber and forms a pronounced wave structure.


Pink Lady Pussy and Pink Butt

Released around August 2009.

This texture has been discontinued.