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Nina Hartley
Fleshlight Girls
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Whether it's the mighty sidewalls loaded with pleasurable and soft elevated discs or the rows of countless micro-bumps that will glide you into an intense orgasm, this is one texture that can only be summed up as legendary. It wasn't easy designing a signature texture as epic as Nina herself but we did it. The result is sure to astound your senses from all angles.


The canal has a relatively wide diameter of 0.7 - 0.8 inches (18 - 20 mm) without any pronounced constrictions or Lotus nodes and is designed to appeal particularly to men with a bigger penis size. The side-walls of the Cougar canal are textured with a mixture of very closely arranged cross-ribs (similar to those of the Super Ribbed insert) and flat, hemispherically shaped bumps. Due to its C-shape, the cross-ribs are open to the right side and there are a total of 13 bumps in a straight line located one after another.


Nina Hartley Pussy

Released around September 2012.