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Lana Rhoades Fleshlight
Lana Rhoades Fleshlight Image
It's happened! Lana Rhoades finally has a Fleshlight! WOOOOOO ILF has just announced this years first addition to the Fleshlight Girls line-up, and it goes to one and only Lana Rhoades, known for being 2017's XBIZ Best New Starlet. Her release brings two brand new textures, the Destiny and the Karma Sleeves. The Destiny Texture, pictured above, is her Pussy/Vagina orifice sleeve, and it looks absolutely amazing. Her Karma Texture is her Butt/Anus orifice sleeve. In an interview with XBIZ, Lana said: “I am so honored to be a Fleshlight Girl. Most of the girls I have admired in t...
Kayden Kross New Fleshlight Textures 2018
Kayden Kross New Fleshlight Textures 2018 Image
Another Fleshlight Girl has just been updated, this time it's Kayden Kross, with two brand new textures! First we have Kayden Kross Ultimate Texture, which is her new Pussy/Vagina Orifice sleeve, replacing the Bookworm which has been a top-rated Realism sleeve for many years now. Second, the Supreme Texture, her Butt/Anus orifice sleeve. ...
Eva Lovia New Updated Textures
Eva Lovia New Updated Textures Image
So I was checking my Email and found I had gotten a newsletter from Fleshlight, titled "Fall in Lovia with the New and Improved Eva Lovia!", I thought, wow, new textures?! Awesome, those textures look amazing. But.. hold on a second.. they seem familiar.. Well, it turns out, while comparing the "old" textures to the "new" ones, it's simply the old texture flipped around: Click here to view Full-Size So, I am not sure what has happened here? Maybe the designer of the newsletter messed up and used the wrong texture images? Maybe they didn't have an "inside" view of the new textures yet? Ma...
Fleshlight Girls Timeline
Fleshlight Girls Timeline Image
Reddit user aus0n1 shared an interesting graph on the Fleshlight subreddit today, and I thought it would be great to share on here too. The graph shows a timeline of all Fleshlight Girl releases over the last decade. Click here to view Full-Size It's crazy to think how many Girls have been released over the years, a lot of those aren't even available anymore and aren't been made anymore. Some collectors, me included, have spent hours searching online on all stores to find those special rare sleeves. And while some have gotten lucky and found them, many have not. I think this graph shows ju...

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