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Exclusive Limited Edition texture for the holiday season of 2014. Should be launching around the 14th and running until Christmas.


ICE Lady (Fleshlight), ICE Butt (FleshJack)

First Release around December 2014.

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This texture has 2 variations:
Butt North Pole
Lady North Pole

There are 3 reviews of this texture, check out what people have to say:

RustlerMaster's Review

This is by far the most underwhelming FREE Fleshlight that I have ever used. It was so underwhelming, I used it excessively for a few weeks and found nothing to changed. It has minimal variation and no tightness at all. My best guess is that the appeal was the ice and that you could see yourself through the tube. That appeal factor does not make up for the fact that a handjob would be more stimula...

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WalrusCinnamonCoffee's Review

Honestly, with my rating, I think this is the best sleeve out of all the ones I have. don't let the lower ratings fool you, as it is not bad because its less stimulating and whatnot. It seems as though although it is a low intensity sleeve I can not last very long. I normally take at least 10-20 minutes, even on the destroya sleeve the first time I tried it, but this one has a special niche to it...

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thebionicmuffin's Review

I was kind of expecting much more considering that this is a limited edition texture, on top of the fact that I hadn't experienced a clear sleeve via the ice yet. The feeling of the sleeve is noticeably different to standard or fleshlight girl sleeves due to the clear material, and I will admit that the feel creates a greater suction in my opinion. The novelty itself of using the clear sleeve was...

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